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Pet events are WAY too short

Guys, an hour is really not enough time for those of us with, you know, lives. Additionally, can we maybe have a timer or countdown? I really hate playing a game only to be told “too late.”


But you will get more chances at it happening again right?


Honestly i prefer the 1 hour over longer times.

Longer times means less chance of triggering, yeah means you can get it, but everyone else will miss out as well


IMHO, it is better to have short events. This gives more chance to get some different pet, especially in the beginning as people are not chasing anything on purpose. In an active guild, another event is essentially guaranteed to start within 10-15 minutes after the current rescue ends. We’ve been having rescues all day long essentially non-stop and we are not even in the top 100.

However, in a less active guild, yes, this might be an issue, IDK.

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Obviously this is a very devisive issue, people that play GoW like actual games when they come home from work and play an hour or more get absolutely *%&/ed over by this implementation, while people that log in from their mobile device every hour(or even every few minutes) will welcome it.

In any case the Devs should have had the foresight to implement a system that is less binary, but well i guess we can be happy the game even runs stable at all after this huge update right? ohhh wait…

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I think there should be an option to buy the pets that the guild discovered for the day. It should equal the price that it costs to buy it during the capture event.

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I agree that 1 hour is way too short. It basically means you have to be on all the time and be in a super active guild. Between 2 accounts and being on about 5 hours a day typically I have yet to see a pet event. (I presuming the scheduled on will be a day long event that starts around midnight tonight PDT).

Even the guild wars battles allowed a full day and that was after a full day of prep.

Imagine you log in and realise there is 5 min left on the current event so you hurry up and try to do 8 battle in 5 mins but too late you only finished 6 fight

So would you prefer wait 1h05 to get another chance to see another pet or 3h05?


3h is not enough to make a change. 8h or 12h is a minimum if we want to be fair and give enough time to players to be awared of the event and do the event.

The issue is that Pet Rescue Event is totally similar than the weekly 24-hours one… I thought it will be different with only one battle, no shop.

But Pets are the biggest gem sink that we have. And so, players giving gems every hours is much more profitable than the same but every 12 hours…
So no need to waste time making suggestion: devs will not change anything because they expect making dollars with this 1-hour bullshit event.


I didn’t realize until now that - 1 hour isn’t 1 hour. It’s 1 hour from the first guild member. So if some of us are in PVP - finish up - and it’s been 10 minutes already in - you looose that time.

And even if you finish the first 5 or 6 in 20 minutes, that last two 8 especially at double the hit points for both Armour and Life (and I’m 1092 level full mythics - going up against the daemon horde that does death mark, double and tripple damage.

Even Pharos failed.

I thought GW was bad in the beginning

This is just pure and simple bad.


I haven’t spend any gems in The event and i already got 2 epic pets. The difference between raid/invasion and rescue shop is you don’t need to buy any tier to finish the event.

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And I am sure that a lot of players will say that they will never use the 50 gems fee to change Hero’s class, but this fee is still there.

The point is that devs can make some dollars. I don’t know if they really do, but they can. So this gem sink will stay here, like the fee to change the Hero’s class.

And in your example, if there is 5 minutes left, you still can buy some tiers to get the pet.

Raid/Invasion shops are reasonable. For 1350 gems, you can get troops (a possible Mythic), and make one troop mythic + fully traited.
For 675 gems, you get 6 copies of the pet only. With 23 White foods (that a shame) so that you will need twice more foods to level up the pet (106 in total, 53 if you use the good color food). For the 21 Baskets, I don’t know how good there are. But in overall, it seems that the rewards are not enough and clearly are made so that you need to give a lot of gems for each pet.

Who said you need to mythic pet in one rescue?


Not me. I talked about possibility and the current offer in the Pet Shop. I will never put any gems in this crappy shop aside if I don’t have time to finish an event and that I don’t have the pet.

You compared with the other event shops. I also provide my point of view about this comparison, that’s all :wink: .

So you believe that devs put this shop like that without hoping that players will get crazy and max the pets on the first rescue?

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I’m not one to usually agree with the people that say this, but they don’t need to be mythic/max leveled in the 1st day/1st week.

This pet event plays better when its hourly, because when you do happen to have time to play, hourly lets you get more pets and more food for your efforts.


IDK of course what you are using. But in our guild, me and a few others including some relatively low level players used classical Justice League with great success for very fast matches. Just cast Justice on any abundant color, it does not matter as long as you can keep the turn and get extra stats. About 250 health and 200 attack is very much sufficient.

Since Justice can also target doomskulls, it is possible to cast twice with a single ds first (about 18+ blue recommended) and then target ds again for the second cast. Even if Justice misses which is highly unlikely, the opponent is mostly frozen and you should not lose more than a single card. Then, hammer back with all those remaining ds to kill everything in a single move. Pretty hilarious to watch when executed flawlessly.

It can be done for any starting level team provided that you have required cards and they are fully traited and to pay at least some attention. For low level players, Justice needs only a single extra cast (maybe two) to catch up with endgamers.

The whole thing takes about 10-12 minutes maximum.

The same can be said for raids an invasion. They hold no value for me. It’s really a matter of personal preference. If i choose (which i only did once in 18 events) to buy any tiers, i get bonuses that last until i quit the game and stack. Raids/invasions you get a use “once and forget” troop, and sigils not necessary unless you’re chasing the leaderboard. This is the only guild event besides GW that i get any amount of enjoyment from, and i hope they don’t change a thing. No, one thing, fix the notification issue.


We should at least be able to finish event if started before time runs out. I logged in earlier today with 3 minutes left and got to battle 5 when time run out. I didn’t get any rewards (pet food etc.) at all for the 4 battles I did.


I had 9 minutes to go. Beat 7 battles. Started the last. Beat the last and then time expired. Got nothing.


I agree we should be able to collect at least the rewards for completed battles or receive it in the mail

It also happened to me 5 battle done and couldn’t claim rewards that suck