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Pet rescue for 1 hour?

This feature is not very wel thought trough.
Play available for 1 hour every day is stupid, that means that I only can play this between 8 AM and 9 AM in my country?
How stupid is this? So now I have to get up early in the weekend and during the week I can play this only when I don’t have to work.
Dev’s is this something you would like?
Try to make it available for everyone please…

I think you might misunderstood something…

While it’s true that Pet Rescue is limited to only an hour, it can be triggered in any time of the day by defeating Pet Gnome. You could do that yourself or benefit from your guildmate’s trigger if you’re both also online.

And it can happened everyday of the week except Weekly Pets Event day (which is usually Wednesday). That day only single pet is available for 24 hours.


Pet Gnome? Yeah right… That’s another thing… Where are those “Gnomes”? After all this time I still have to meet the first one…
Also the rewards those other Gnomes give aren’t that fabulous, mostly I receive souls of which I already have more than 3 million… If I have the luck to finally see an Gnome…

Then there is something else, the time the Rescue pet thing starts is shown as %d %h

It is a new Gnome that appears in Ranked PvP/Causul PvP/Arena, appearance rate is lower than Treasure Gnome though.

% Timer is a visual bug that usually happened when any one-hour Pet Rescue Event is finished. Could be fixed by restarting the game.

For Treasure Gnome reward, I agree. But it’s still better than nothing, kinda useful for beginners, not so much for endgamers.


Still haven’t seen a single pet gnome. This update is rubbish.

Yeah… As already happened before the dev’s were trying to repair something that wasn’t broke. Result they gonna have more work now to try and repair what they broke… I hope…