Pet Rescue Impossible to Win for anyone below Level 1000


I do understand the issues with game play after a few emails sent back & forth in reguards to new roll outs. I would like to advise a lot of people are pissed because the pet can not be had or be completed by mere low level players say anyone under 1000… For a bit there it seemed we had found a deck that could win, but was immediately nurfed so not to be able to any longer.

Game play is fun & all but not when you get to a level where the teams has DOUBLE all Stats before the game even begins… Come ON… I’m a level 12 VIP & I spend my money to support this game & you are even Alienating me! So much so why do I want to support a game the creators are directly trying to hurt the players? Huh? Geez enough already.



Your opponent’s stats don’t matter if they never get to take a turn.


You can assemble this team easily before level 1000. Heck, even one Kraken would suffice (though it’d take longer). If you had Queen Titania***, you could use her instead of the second Kraken to make your Hellcat that much more effective. (And since there will probably always be 13+ reds on the board, you likely won’t give up the turn when you cast her spell!)


Dwarwen Gatex2 Valkyrie Tesla team can get any opponent regardless of stats


It’s a fine line between too hard for low lv vs too easy for high lv. I think the balance is just right as it is. Possible but tough for low lv and yet even high lv can lose occasionally. Unlike dungeons that are so easy I only lost once due to using stupid team trying to do multiple daily tasks at once lol.


The Great Maw cares not for their numbers.


I got through all 8 battles for lucky on my level 350 account with Dragotaur/Krystenax/Dragon Soul/Krystenax and that was with no guild bonuses and no 5* kingdoms. For the goblin battles 4x Gob-Chomper and in the later stages if you don’t get your first devour just retreat and try again.


I felt that way too for the first week

Then I did

Nobend Brothers
Princess Fizzbang
Queen Grapplepot
Nobend Brothers

on the 8th
Nobend Brothers
Princess Fizzbang
Queen Grapplepot
Goblin King

I have won now every one since that I have gotten in because once you get control of the board…it is rare you give it up


Skill is not level dependent in this game, if you have a decent team and kingdom & guild bonuses you should be fine.


Au contraire: Great Maw cares deeply for munching their big numbers :grin:

To the opening post: @nonsheep as @Grundulum says, by now you should really have mastered a loop team… I’d suggest Hellcat Alchemist GobRocket GobRocket as the safest control team out there. Shentang or Dragon banner.


As a quick follow up, I took my own advice and changed out my second Kraken for a Titania. I really, really like this team. Titania is doing 50 damage a pop thanks to the Faerie Fire, to the entire enemy team. I think this is faster than the second Kraken!


What sort of guild have you been in? Are you like the last guy complaining at level 860 something but he was in a guild with others and never got any rewards basically?
If you’ve been playing with poor choices than that’s on you. The other guy also didn’t know how to build teams.
Is that your problem as well?


Another looping team that simply does not give up control of the board:

Gard’s Avatar

I realize Gard might be a bit much and all are fully traited but with this and other teams pointed out in this thread you simply remove their ability to win by removing their chance for turns.


Thank you, All the great answers, I am grateful for the help before I just wanted to scream! Oh, i think I did with my Post… LoL… Thanks Jainus.


It might very well be…


That’s really helpful, thank you. I’m pretty new to GOW so still learning.
I’ve not gotten the hang of looping yet & was frustrated with Per Res too.

After doing PVP this week for the 1at time & joint a guild, I’d seen this tatctic
talked about. Being new, appreciate the tip.

Hopefully I have some cards at this point that can achieve this. I hope
I also gain the skill I see others with. Impressive and fun.

But, since then, I have won two pets, so getting there.

Thanks again to y’all giving the great advice.:yum:


Hellcat, alchemist, queen titania, queen Grapplepot works well for those without Gard’s Avatar. A looping team that never loses control as both queens cast AOE with an extra turn, and QG does even more damage for the goblin petnappers


To be on bit of a lighter route, I used Alchemist/Moneylender/Yao Guai/Queen T.

If at all, you will fail but you have unlimited tries to succeed. Up until you get a good alch start, you’re onto yourself.
Other than that, kept practicing and you’ll be golden.


I use Gorgotha Flame Troll Yao Guai Queen Titania


Alchemist/Yao/Hellcat/Sekhma hasn’t failed me.

Can’t lose if the other team doesn’t have a turn.


They cannot make it too easy otherwise they might as well not have a battle and just give you the pet. A persons level wont stay low if you put in time like everyone else. There is a buy option if you cannot beat it. I have used the option a couple times because I had under 1 minute left and wanted the pet. If I were low level I would not be trying so hard for a pet I would be trying to get my level higher but that’s just me.