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Pet rescue is bananas and rigged

with the new update came pet rescue and after battle 5 thing go from challenging to flat out bananas no matter what team I make it always wipes it out I swear it’s rigged cause every time I switch the mana colors it always seems like the opposing team get them and _conveintly gets skulls or an endless combo and pops off all their abilities and destroys all my troops Magnus always seems to stun on the first 4 match and then get inflict the status effect it prevents I’m stuck on the second to last battle and will probaly never finish it it was a good idea to implent this but they fail to realize that there will be new players that will put them at an extream disadvanatge with new troops

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May i suggess you to use impervious troop?

tried where i am now though there attack is 44 and up so impervious hhelps but does nothing for their attack power

For low level try Dragotaur, Dragonian monk, Emperina, anything. Or Dragotaur, Cockatrice, Emperina, anything if you need the drains too. Just buff your Dragotaur with it’s and Emperina’s casts and you will win in minutes. Either barrier spam or entangle + drain work wonders.
The other option would be devour + skull spam but it requires higher level troops eg: Great maw, Mercy, Infernal king, Sheggra

My advice is to use Kerberos. The stats are inflated to insane levels; the last round for instance has over 100 HP and Armor and around 60 atk. Fortunately, most of the enemies you face do not have immunity to devour so you can eat the ones who can be eaten then finish the rest off with skull damage.