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Pet Rescues (My thoughts)

I can get through pet rescues fine using the low level team everyone suggests which is 2 Dwarven Gate, Valkyrie and Tesla (Yes I have other choices but if it isn’t broke, no need to change it). Still, these are my thoughts on each of the battles and I am curious what others think about the pseudo raid bosses. Starts from the hardest down to the easiest.


Her and the troops she has make this the worst for the Tesla team (and new players who use this comp). You’ve got troops who can devour 3 of your team, troops who submerge themselves or from Scylla herself and that’s right, Scylla ignore barrier with her insta kill ability. Not fun. Oh, Stage 6 is also the worst with the silence from Merlions and the Hippocampus keeping them or Scylla alive for far longer.

Queen Grapplepot

+5 Health for each extra move from +4 or +5 matches meaning +20 health total to break through and since Goblin’s can easily cascade with free turns, that +20 can easily jump to +200 or more. The biggest offender is the final stage… yes, those two… Fizzbang and Nobend Brothers. Those two together are so toxic and using Tesla team is just hell to endure. If you happen to have four Gob-chompers fully traited then yes, this is at the bottom but with the new player team, this is just not fun. Other stages could be problematic but it’s mainly the last stage which can drain all the remaining time.

King Silenus

Satyr Musician appears very frequently in the rounds against Silenus and Silenus provides 50% mana start to all wildfolk meaning the Musician can activate his ability and completely shut down any attempts to use Tesla who almost always gets hit by the silence (50% chance due to it hitting 2) and on Stage 7, a bad board will easily led to a quick fail since the Siren’s start with their abilities active and can effortless kill Tesla. Not as bad as the other two though but close.


The biggest threat against Magnus is him getting 4 or 5 matches due to the random status effects. Freeze, Silence and Death Mark are the worst to get afflicted by. Freeze prevents extra turns, usually on blue, silence killing off any ability on a troop and Death Mark is self explanatory. Stage 6 is also a big hurdle thanks to the Night Hag who can easily turn Tesla into a Giant Toad and if that happens, you can’t win and need to retreat.

Infernal King

There are a few troops that can cause serious problems here with one of the biggest being the Herald of Chaos with death mark on skull hits. Hell cat could be problematic if you are unlucky but usually, he’ll fail to do damage and leave an opening for you. The only other big threats are Succubus with mana drain and death mark and Infernal King who rarely gets active (His 3rd trait basically does nothing for him)


While Garuda might seem threatening thanks to numerous troops having the ability to hit your entire team, they just can’t stand up against the spam of Dwarven Gates and one of the troops, Heronath, gives the entire enemy team Armor which means bonus damage for your Tesla and that makes this by far the easiest of the 6 Pet Rescues.

So yeah, I enjoy going against Garuda and Infernal King with me being okay with Magnus and Silenus but I can’t stand Grapplepot and Scylla. Not having 4 Gob-chompers and fully traited makes the goblins worse than they can be but the team I based this on is the one many people recommend for low level players which Tacet himself has suggested in the past.

Anyway, which Pet Rescue does everyone hate or like going against?

I hate the Goblins, explosions specially, that’s why i use Maw to devour Nobend Brothers, in all other battles i devour Grapplepot.

Just use gob chompers vs goblins


Maw, Alchemist, Infernal King and Mercy make a quick work of any team really, except maybe the Merlantis captors because of some indigestible troops.

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I did mention that Gob Chompers destroy Goblins but you do need 4 of them and fully traited and I at the moment have neither nor would a new player who got lucky to get Tesla which is why I mentioned the team I did at the start.

Just use the divine meta for all pet rescues if possible, makes light work of all various battles :+1:

You only need 1 fully traited gob chomper. Build a skull spam team with him first slot. If he fails to devour just retreat and try again