Pet rescue unfair

hi I think with the new update with pets and pet rescue is cool however I must say I think the later battles of pet rescue are a bit unbalanced and one-sided and could lead to you losing newer players I’m level 419 and have some pretty good teams with a power of around7200 and I’m still getting wiped out in 4 or 5 turns even though the latter battles are meant to be challenging as they are now there just too unfair

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Probably they will adjust at some point the difficulty, which is in fact, high.

That being said, remember that the battles are for getting a FREE pet, you cam always get it using gems, so its logical they try to make the free one more difficult to obtain.

I could recommend you a team that gave me pretty good results, like doing winning the 8 battles in a row.

The Great Maw
Infernal King

Hope it helps you


I agree that the difficulty of the last few battles seems unfair for newer players. I posted some looping team suggestions over here that might be helpful to you as well. As long as there is no Queen Mab on the opponent, these teams should give you a reasonable chance of success and there are options that should be accessible to any mid-level player:


Play mercy alchemist hellcat titania with 2yellow/1red or 2red/1yellow, so you have +2 on both trough alchemists trait.

With this team, you can beat easily every other team without mab. Thats risci but possible.

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Try silenxing?

Three times I ran that team - and when 115 hit points from a TOAD takes out Maw…

No matter which one Maw takes out - one of the remaining will take out Maw in two turns

There absolutely should be things that are very difficult for newer players. That is the whole point in getting more powerful!


I didnt have a problem, if the board doesnt look good, just quit the battle, there is no penalty for that.

Once the team starts looping shouldnt be a problem to pass it.

Low and lower level players like yourself are not meant to beat all eight pet battles. Beat all you can and be happy.

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I don’t think that’s true. Since the beginning of gow, everything was attainable once you hit lvl 150 or so. It might take longer, or more tries, but everything was possible.

I’m sad for my son, who is a lvl 250’ish and loves gow. He’s super excited about these pets and he won’t have gems to throw at them like end-gamers

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Tell him to build a devour team. I don’t know what cards he has available, but I’m finding that since you get unlimited tries, it’s just a matter of time before the devour works and you end up with a Troop that is now strong enough to take down the enemy team.

I don’t like how oriented towards people past about level 400 these are.

I feel like around there is where you likely have one or more of the troops needed to face the opponents. I’m very much in endgame now, and I can handle it, but if I think back to just 3 months ago I would have been pissed about these pet events.

I don’t know a solution because I like them as-is for my level of play. I’m not particularly bothered that like level ~200 or so people just can’t do it unless they have super lucky pulls: dungeons and raids and invasions already unashamedly don’t promise to be accessible to early gamers. I like that there’s a gem store and the prices are reasonable, but again: endgamers are more likely to have the kind of bankroll to play with those consistently.

So I agree to an extent: I think the stats scale a little too high. The “search” is worded as if there’s some small chance of finding the pet: maybe that’s the answer: if you lose a battle there’s some small chance you find the pet anyway and you only get one guaranteed pet per event?

It’s an interesting space.

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I’m at 1093 - Full Mythics and such… Kinda weird that you would say that

Slypenslyde, there is actually a chance to find a pet. They can drop from the baskets you get from each battle reward. I’ve got 2 puppybots from the baskets, and 3 crabbies, plus the guaranteed pet from the last reward.


I’m an endgamer at lvl 1050 and played always 100% f2p. so i have currently still only maybe 1k of gems… sometimes it is also a question of patience and/or that you just do not get every thing directly when you wish and desire it.

and on lvl 150 i was never able to play 3T ranked e.g.


If you have anything close to what qualifies as “full mythics” you’re overequipped to finish.

Gorgotha, Infernus, Worldbreaker, whatever else you want. That team needs another mana generator. TDS is Old Faithful. Ishbaala works. Glitterclaw is hilarious. Infernus alone spits out more than 120 damage to the enemy team. So does Worldbreaker. If you can survive about 8 rounds (and this team has PLENTY of tank) then you’re going to win.

You can also have a lot of success with a Yao Guai team. By the 2nd or third activation he’s spitting damage like crazy. I’ve won with Valkyrie Mercy / Hellcat / Alchemist / Queen Titania and that A) doesn’t use mythics and B) came from a Tacet the Terror Youtube video.

The first two or three battles were pretty easy, so I went with my Fast Explore Team of Princess Elspeth and Bombot x 3, but that wouldn’t work after level 3.

I changed teams and eventually went with Mang, Infernus, Spirit Fox and Emperor Korvash for the final few battles.

I won, but it wasn’t exactly easy…!

The last 2 or 3 fights are definitely difficult, but that being said I only lost once against the level 60 boss, and beat the last two fights first time and I’m only level 281. It’s a little bit of luck and a little bit of finding the right team to use against the boss.

I used my fully traited giant set up:

Jarl Firemantle
Fire Giant
Thorodin (Titan class)

It’s a pretty good all-rounder with plenty of health, a little healing/protection and a lot of damage output!

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The last two Rescue fights have almost made me rage quit GoW multiple times. Partly this is an issue with me. I like switching teams if I lose, but my memory is awful so I have to go look up another team in a hurry. Also a bit annoying having to drop whatever I’m doing just to be frustrated (where was I at in my book again…). Solution ended up being me deciding which pets are worth the stat bonus and ignoring the rest.

I understand that they’re going for low level people doing these over and over to get the pets from baskets, but the frustration level either way is a bit too high imo. Then again it isn’t supposed to be easy and it never has been in these kind of games.

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You can get a guaranteed pet with gems if you cannot beat the 8th battle. You can also try again and again. If they make it too easy then why would they have the shop.