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Team advice for pet rescues?

Hello everyone. First real post here on the forums and so if I made a mistake for the subsection then I apologize.

I would like to ask if there are any teams that can successfully go through all 8 Pet Rescues? As a reference, I am around level 425 and I don’t have such cards as Mercy or Tesla and the only hero class so far traited is the Archer. Traitstones are super difficult for me to get so let’s say traiting is a very rare thing.

Any advice for suitable teams? Currently can only complete stage 2 or 3 depending on the enemy team. Stage 4 if against Garuda.

Edit: As a note, only been playing for around a month.

The most successful teams that I have used are all fully upgraded Goblins: Nobend Brothers, Goblin Rocket, Princess Fizzbang and Queen Grapplepot and Dragons Krystenax, The Dragon Soul, Dragatour and Pengalon

The ones that are boldened are the ones I am missing and still have yet to fully trait either Queen Grapplepot or The Dragon Soul.

A Dragon team can make it through as long as RNG doesn’t hate you fully. Dragontaur is your main way to win the higher levels as he buffs all your dragon’s attack and armor. Draconian Monk supports him well with barrier for your team. Asha can be used if you have her to keep feeding green gems to herself and Dragontaur, plus Enchant. Use another Dragon’s Claw troop to get a Team bonus from 3 from same kingdom that compliments well (fills color gaps). It’s important to keep using Dragontaur’s skill as much as possible, and steal those skulls as you can! Good luck!

For your level you would be better off using a looping team. If you’re not familiar with that tactic it’s when your front 2 troops feed each other mana, then your last 2 feed off what is left.
For example - green seer & giant spider. Green seer creates green mana for spider which in turn creates mana for seer & so on.
Pair those with kraken / queen mab / krystenax / hyndla frostcrown etc & you could potentially never give the ai a turn.
The other well-used option is hellcat & alchemist with 2 goblin rockets, the theory is the same & only cast rockets when you need to continue the loop…

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Another option is to use a Devour team, since Devouring enemy troops adds their stats to your and therefore scales 1:1 with enemy stats - which means it scales up nicely when Devouring super-buffed Rescue enemies. Great Maw is the best option for this since it’s a guaranteed devour, but Bulette, Doomclaw, Gorbil, Kerberos, Mimic, Sand Shark, and a few others have chances to Devour.

Beyond that - pet rescues just do scale up very sharply, and there might simply be a wall you’ll hit until you have more cards / options available to you further down the road. Luckily, there’s a chance to win the pet from any level…but it might simply be something you need to chip away at for a while.

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For the first battles i think you could manage with any team you have assembled yourself. As @Amadan pointed out a team capable of devouring troops would help you a lot since the enemies will have huge stats to be added to Great Maw.

Just be sure to check which enemies are immune to Devour, the captors of Merlantis have some Impervious and Indigestible troops, Magnus from Darkstone captors and King Silenus from Pan’s Vale team of captors are also Impervious and therefore immune to devour.

A team i enjoy using due it’s huge potential for damage is:
You could exchange Wulfgarok for Minogor (http://gowdb.com/troops/6304) and still have a great team, Fenrir can buff Minogor’s (everyone really, since all troops are beasts) attack immensely granting him a lot of damage with his spell. Forest Guardian protects with barriers and generates enough mana and skulls for Dire Wolf, which on his own can setup an entanglement without losing his turn and then destroy an enemy matching skulls. Fenrir can also buff Dire Wolf into huge stats.

This is also a potent and cheap team to use on Guild’s War.