Pet rescue difficulty?



I can understand that we need to have chalenge in a game, also the highest player need to have fun too, but there’s a thin line between difficult and ridiculous…if you expect to motivate your players with over difficult stage with unbalanced teams (that the players cannot even have one day himself) you will never reach your goal! You guys have the audacity to even show me a page just after been destroy by your overbalanced mob with the options to spend 50$ for ingame packages that wont have any immediate impact on my game play!!!

You and many other players will probably reply me by saying I can go play a easier game if I dont like this one…and at the end of the day, that will be so true…there’s so many games out there, so many choices and options, if your are (pissing off) your actual players they will go play something else!

thank you for your time!


While looking you will probably eventually learn that most games come with some kind of progression scheme built in. You can’t immediately play the final mission in GTA V, you can’t immediately go beat the end boss in Diablo 3, you even can’t immediately disarm the last mine in Minesweeper without handling the others first.

Gems of War is similar, you can’t steamroll through all Pet Rescue stages with the single untraited level 1 Goblin you get handed as part of the tutorial, you need to build up your strength. This game is quite intentionally not handing you all content available on a silver platter just for creating an account, you’ll need months to get there. I’m quite convinced that’s what actually keeps most players playing this game, Paper/Scissor/Rock tends to have rather limited entertainment value.


The Pet Rescue thread had many teams that are accessible from moderately low levels that can finish most of the Pet Rescue challenges. (I find Goblins and Stryx to be the most punishing to low-level teams.) For the most part, you’re going to need at least one traited legendary.

Not all content is available to low-level players right out of the gate. Dungeons are also challenging for newer players, and a good step along the way to Pet Rescues.

But even so, odds are you can make it 4-5 rounds into the Pet Rescue which has a fairly solid chance of awarding you a pet anyway. Not always, but it’s nice that there is a tiny bone thrown to players who are too new.


thank you for your reply, I’m actually level 330 and I believed have a few strong teams (for exemple a dragon team that I used most of the time), and I’m the type of player to maximised my team. That been said, there’s still a line where I can go through most of the game and when I hit a serious wall against a way to strong and over power opponent!

To answer your first comments, I’m a gamer for at least 20 years, played a lot of different games and I know how to recognize a challenge and how to go through it. Be sure that I’m not the one to post comments in a forum if I dont strongly feel there’s a issue that will overcome the pleasure of the game!

Since we are both stranger, its normal you are unaware of my style of play and experiences in this matters!

Again thank you for your comments!


Well as a new player of rank 107 I can say that the pet rescue is pointless and demoralizing as I can’t even beat the third team, especially when they are a bunch of goblin specials nearly twice the level of my team members. The reward so far? 1500 gold.
I’ve looked at the forums about this and there are lots of recommendations about looping teams, which are also pointless when new players don’t have the majority of the units that are talked about. At least for the bounty missions I could beat the first handful.
I’m not expecting an easy run when I’m very new, but this is not how you encourage new players. Much like the first time playing the dungeon level and getting annihiliated within a few rounds it just makes me want to give up and delete the game.


Do you have Tesla?

Alchemist Hellcat Goblin rocket Goblin Rocket can be a pretty effective low level loop team.

Do you have any legendary troop?


You said you use a dragon team, don’t know if you have Elemaugrim but…

Hero with Dragon Guard class & Dragonator weapon
The Dragon Soul

is the team I use to complete rescue events and haven’t lost 1 so far.
But if you don’t have max. kingdom & guild bonuses, it’s pretty tough.
Or even looping teams with mab/valkyrie to make sure you never hand over a turn.
But then again, I don’t know which troops you have.


If that’s addressed to me, then no, I don’t have hellcat, and certainly no legendaries. I have a basic goblin team (bugbear, goblin, goblin rocket, goblin shaman) but it isn’t strong enough to do anything but have fun with in region challenges.


Oh ok sorry.

Maybe Dwarven Gate Valkyrie Rowane Azura


Thanks for the suggestion, but don’t have rowane or azura. I appreciate the help though.


Those two troops can be obtained by completing the quests for Forest of Thorns and Merlantis, and they are very good troops.


We can easily say that those(Azura & Rowanne) are among the best Epic troops in the game, if not the best.


You just have to finish Merlantis and Forest of thorns questline to get those epics


Thanks for the advice guys - I will do.