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I've kidded with the devs about this a few times

But… seriously. If these folks aren’t cheating. How do I go about getting the version of the game that the AI would allow me to win this much?
I had a streak of 110 over the weekend ended by the Divine meta. After reset I was 55-0 then lost legitly trying to finish a daily task. The other 3 losses have all been luck factor related since the AI was almost dead each time. These streaks are quadruple what I’m able to do with the perfect counter teams. Keeping in mind they have to be using fast PvP teams as well.
I understand that’s the “balance” of difficulty that the devs are aiming for. I have no issue with that. But at least one of these folks defy that scale weekly. I’ve reported them, and the devs say they aren’t cheating. So if that’s the case… How are they able to make such a mockery of the difficulty?? (These aren’t one trophy battles scores)

Did you play the current meta deck with a level 100 priest ? Basicly how it goes is you need 3 of eather Blue or Green after that you win 100% the only way to lose is when you dont get that and the opponent gets a turn with like 5 extra turns and plays the same deck as you.if you have maxed out divine pet + stats from kingdom guild your win rate will almost 100%. BECAUSE its one combination you need after that its autowin. And you allways start.

That in itself is worth looking in to by the defs but i guess thats what the want,

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i forgot to say 3 yellow might also work :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you need to build better teams and play more carefully? That’s what someone told me one time when I suggested it’d be neat if you could see a person’s PvP team that defeated you. It’d be interesting to see if someone else could reproduce their results with a similar team.

But alas, teams are secret sauce so we end up with this: assumptions that anyone who wins more than 50-75% must be cheating because one can’t accomplish it oneself.

A veteran player should win 90% of their matches easily. It’s the 99% that seems unfathomable.

And if you actually read what I had to say. I have no interest in seeing what teams they’re using. I want to know why they’re getting such easy AI. Assuming… They’re in fact not cheating.

The Devs already told you that they aren’t cheating regarding your OP. Why is that not a good enough answer for you? (I am not trying to pick a fight with you or anything, so lets try to stay civil.)

They told me one person isn’t cheating. Or at least they didn’t ban him or her… Which is the only indication we have that they aren’t cheating. The other 2 I have no idea about.

I am not sure @awryan , but this thread might start to look like a callout thread that is against the rules? You took away the player names in the SS, but most of us PC/Mobile players can just check the leaderboard in-game for the player names.

The divine meta is so OP but still possible to lose with. Only last night my win streak came to an end at 394, so disappointing :-1:

Just checked and I exaggerated, by a whole 1 win. My record ended at 393 :joy:

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Considering this is the first time you’ve commented on my threads in very long time. I imagine you’d like it to be locked or deleted. But you have to actually name names to be a call out.
I tried to be respectful when you came in here to try and say I was contradicting myself. Looks like I should’ve just ignored your thoughts and let you continue to lurk on everything I say. Anyway…
My overall point is trying to figure out why the AI is acting so differently for them compared to me and 98% of the other players in game. That’s all.

The only thing I can think of if you want to chase the “how are they keeping an easy AI” legend is try losing games in various modes every now and then.

I’ve seen the rumor that there’s a tougher AI deployed against players who are on a streak and I don’t know of there’s a way to prove or disprove it. It certainly feels like there might be, but I don’t know of any confirmation.

The thing that slays me is the people who achieve these huge win rates are never people I know from the forums or Discord. It’d be cool if they participated in the community/could explain themselves. I guess they’re too busy playing to do so.

Awesome! (Cause I can ask you how you did that. Sorry that it came to an end.)
Did you do a lot of 3 trophy matches during that streak? And did you ever refresh with gems?

Mostly 3 trophies where possible, unless it was a firebomb team or something similarly quick to win against. No gems spent, never waste gems on a refresh :+1: I’m impressed I managed to keep the luck going for the last 2.5 weeks of pvp. The spawn rate off DP was regularly landing an extra turn and Ubastet did his job. Annoying I have lost a number of battles since due to horrendous cascades, oh the joy :joy:

I tried to be respectful too, where did I offend you in my reply? I was gentle telling you that this might look like a call out thread.

I get your point. What do you think is the reason why the Al is acting so differently for them?

Does your guild do legendary tasks?
And current rank of your guild if you don’t mind me asking?
Lastly, what’s your usual PvP score at the end of the week?

That is a good point. It is almost as they try to hide from the boards/discord.

I’m in @Calv1n’s guild TAG. The guild certainly gets quite a lot of legendary tasks done. I’m sure he can provide more info as a stat master :+1: No idea what my usual score for pvp is, I tend to do enough to finish pvp for the week. I’ve done more in the last few weeks as I have had a bit more time than usual. I don’t keep a track of my own records, I can only go on what is listed on the guild page.



We are averaging 20 to 30 LT"s a week the last couple months and are currently working on getting to rank 30 in the leaderboard.

For ranked PvP MLD isn’t usually in the top 100 I think but we usually have several that are



I just don’t have the time to attempt to stay top 100, it takes a lot of time and effort to do so. It use to be so much easier years ago to do so though.


@mld-81 it gets harder almost every week which is why I know the game is “growing” and people are playing longer you used to be top 25 with 25k points easy on PS4 now that won’t get you top 100 some weeks