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Personal PVP Troop Blacklist

Might have been proposed before, but i would like to have a personal PVP blacklisted team.

It works like this:

  1. Player creates a team of 4 troops that he would like to avoid in PVP.
  2. Any defense team having one or more of those ‘blacklisted’ troops are skipped in PVP.


  • PVP opponent algorithm might take a bit longer. If it takes too long or endless loop (highly unlikely), consider adding bot teams.
  • There might be less revenges, due to no suitable opponents being found.

And what cost would the player pay to skip opponents with the blacklisted troops?

Would be no cost other than the use of a team slot, I’m guessing Royalty is proposing these teams never show as a choice to battle.

Four troops I’d go for:

Forest Troll
Krystenax (to make sure)

But rerolling has a cost… 1 gem i think isnt this more or less a permanent reroll?

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If they’re never presented to you to fight, there is no re-rolling involved.

But a reroll isnt necessary at that point… Look, i like the idea but the devs will never go for it without a cost involved… They may as well just make rerolls free… Probably less work to do that

Maybe 10% less gold and souls for every troop blacklisted? You are making easier for yourself by blocking troops.


I hate some of the repetitive teams myself but does this not just kinda take away from some of the challenge. I don’t like fighting famines so for now on i should be able to block them does not sound very fun or fair. Sorry but i am 100% against this. Besides if it is the team is used in pvp then it will be used in guild wars and guild wars can not be skipped. So just use it as practice time.


IMHO, 4 is a bit too much, it might be limited to 3. So, if in PvP you have at least one out of 3 of your personal blacklisted cards in every team, you get a free reroll up until attacker gets at least one team that does not have any of the blacklisted cards. If you still decide to go against a team that has one or more blacklisted cards, you get same rewards if winning and same minus points if losing but defender gets nothing like completely nothing for winning or losing that defense match as if it was not played.

I proposed something similar recently.
Basically, you put a troop on a list (maybe 5 troop)
It cost 2 gem to put a troop on the list, or to change a troop.

You can’t use a troop on your list.
You won’t face troops on your list in PvP (except in GW)

This way we can all customize our experience

How about instead of reroll or blacklisted troops we just make all PvP defense a random team made up of random troops?

That way there will be no more boredom in PvP. The troops can be leveled and traited based on your level. For instance for a level 1000 player all troops will be level 20 and full traits.

Assuming you aren’t being sarcastic here, thats basically just Explore mode.

I happen to feel that boycotting troops is the wrong answer to this problem, and the devs creating a game experience to allow people to actively bypass problem troops showcases the game’s flaws instead of addressing them. (In the proposed implementation, it suffers also from requiring the player to have the troop they want to blacklist. Don’t have a Famine? Tough luck.)

So what’s the right solution?

I really like this idea, it’s so simple.

You like the Kraken? You enjoy playing your Kraken team? Cool, keep using (and facing) it.

But if someone else is just so tired of it and the gameplay it creates, he can just ban it from « his » game.

I don’t know. I think a few things need to be done, but it’s not a problem with a simple solution and I don’t want to imply I have one.

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PvP meta isn’t that bad, imo.
The metas are only mostly prevalent in the 3-trophies selections, so I can usually avoid them by going into the 1 or 2 trophies battles. The keyword here is I can “choose” to ignore those meta battles, which wasn’t possible in GW before, but I’m glad is possible now with the new unique defense implementation.

So for the moment, I am reasonably appeased with the current state of the game.

I have all three teams with Mab AND Kraken in various variants in PvP and it is not really proportional to anything. I don’t see why fully traited F-Troll-KK-Mab at 8800 is worth only 1 trophy and 800 gold while same team at 9800 is worth 3 trophies and 1500 gold. This is just PvP nonsense, a pinnacle of obsolete. I’m not sure what difference these 5 health and 4 attack have, it is still a roll of dice against most “normal” teams either way.

BTW, quite a lot of the meta teams I’m facing are defense of forum regulars who actually quite frequently complain here about monotony of current meta. :wink:

Other rare varieties include occasional dragons, goblins, and psions/famine and it is really hard to see anything original. The best solution is to play less PvP IMO.

GW is slightly better this week but still, every 3/5 teams are Mab-Kraken combinations. Most of the people don’t even bother with setting up unique GW defenses. Which is good for our guild since I think most of the people bothered, at least I asked about it a few times and we solved the defense resetting issues in the chat. And we are quite far from top brackets. So, the problem is there and it is spread all over the place. A lot of players complain in the guild and in global chat as well.

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Don’t look at me. I used a dwarf defense.
I behaved

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I support this, if only because its A solution. I don’t think it’s the best solution, but at this points, it’s better than nothing.

Test scenario: What can a player do if all 3 teams presented are: Forest Troll, Kraken, Kraken, Queen Mab?

It sounds like an exaggeration, but it happens all too often.

  1. The player can blame the player base for using the same teams. Nothing changes.
  2. The player can blame the AI algorithm for choosing the same teams. Nothing changes.
  3. The player can refresh it for 1 gem and it’s luck as to what appears next. The player gets penalized for something outside of their control.
  4. The player can enter the match and quit. The player gets penalized and wastes time for something outside of their control.
  5. The player can play it and be miserable after too much repetition of the same thing.
  6. The player can stop playing PvP.

For me, I feel like enemy refreshing should be free or cost gold or souls (in ranked). Make it a 7 day login bonus for all I care. There’s just no way that free refreshes are going to up my productivity to 1000 matches by Saturday that the top players are getting, but I’d like to think Gems of War is designed to be fun?

If that’s too much benefit to a player somehow (like really?), then instead of static pvp defense teams, have it be like Arena where it takes a team a player has used and won with in PvP and have it as a defense. Have it swap every day or every few days. At least then, if someone gets bored of using the same team constantly, the game will pick up on one of the randomly used teams and use it.

I’m sure the statement “some teams are better on offense than defense.” will come up, but is that really a big issue in the grand scheme of monotony?

Back to this topic, a personal blacklist would be great, but at some point, there will be more annoying troop/troop combination than there are space on a personal blacklist. I’m sure this would have been really great back in the 50% stat buff kingdom event weeks.

See… Here is my thing. This whole game is repetition. It is pure repetition in the extreme so i dont understand why fighting the same team a multitude of times is the breaking point for repetition.

I really dont understand how some people can fight 1000 pvp battles every week and complain about repetition…

Heres an easy answer since everyone thinks i am trolling anyway

All 3 choices are troll/kraken meta? Choose the 3 trophy battle and win quickly. Or lose… Who cares really its not GW. What happens if you lose PvP? Nothing!

And im not picking on you specifically @TheIdleOne i just grow tires of repetition myself. It is very repetitive reading the forums or global chat. At least for a few days everyone kinda forgot about the meta and only talked about the UI.

Ahhhh those were the days…

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