PVP enemy having 1 troop or a very weak lineup


Like I have said I am pretty new to the game. But in my first couple journeys to Rank 1 for the week i have noticed there are quite a few players I have fought that was over level 100 with a lineup of level 1 cards or maybe just one card with like 6 health. Is this a courtesy to other players to give them a free win?


Bait for revenge battles.


Ahhhh ok that makes sense thanks!


Your welcome.


Yeah people either are baiting for Revenge or they never set their Defense Team or haven’t done so in a while.


Another possibility is that the defender was defending with, say, 4x Sand Devils or 4x Celestasias (die in a fire), and ascended the troop after getting upgrades. Since they no longer have enough copies, the extras are automatically removed.

But yeah, baiting for revenge is the most likely scenario.


I was gonna say what Lyya said, but use rockworms as the example.

Also, if you see the lineup is just a hero with a crude club, that means that the opponent has not got a configured team for defence.


It’s definately revenge baiting. With the current pay-outs for revenge wins, there simply is no incentive for me to set a strong defense.

I’ve set a defense with just 4 base commons without any synergy (Peasant, Dwarven Miner, Scale Guard, Dire Wolf). And to my massive surprise they actually still win about 4-5% of the time. I see no reason to change this until defense win value becomes about equal to revenge wins (which may not be very likely to happen)…


If you want to lose, why do you set four troops?
Just a single peasant should be enough


It will be probably rule breaking (and fun breaking too), but if everyone puts 1 unit in defense, accessing to rank #1 would be faster :smiley: Since you lose quite nothing in defense, this point could be exploit, no ?
Bait for defense is for what ? The reward for each 5x revenges ?

To avoid the creation of another topic i’ll ask here another question about PvP. If it’s not kind, i’ll delete and create a topic.

Yesterday, I fought against an opponent that was around level 25, and probably F2P. His team was something like Hero, an UltraRare, and 2 Rare (and not good ones). All low level (<8) and without trait. I’ve nothing against that, i’m a noob too.
The thing is : how does he managed to be rank #1 after only 90 min of the new week ? Even if his defensive is different from offensive, I’ve high doubts that he have a team that can rush the #1. Cheat ?


Your rank #1 from the previous week continues to appear for any defences until you login in after the weekly reset. So in the early hours post-reset, you’ll see quite a few rank #1s.

  • 'cause it’s been set that way for a while now and I’m too lazy to change it.
  • 'cause I think that if you’re going to get a trophy for beating me you should at least put the “work” in to beat the regular amount of troops for a battle.
  • 'cause I’m a nice guy and I think that if you beat my defense you should get the regular amount of souls won from a battle for it.
  • 'cause it amuses me to see that one in twenty winrate on defense and the amazement that this team actually won some battle just makes me smile.

You pick one, they’re all true for me… :smiley:


Well if I ever face your lineup, I appreciate the extra souls. Thank you! :smiley:


The idea of Revenge baiting is foreign to Consoles where we get 3 slots for losses and if we don’t clear them then we don’t get Invaded. If you don’t clear them for 24 hours though, they get replaced by new Invasions.

I set my Main Team to defense so I can accumulate 8-12 wins before the 3 losses happen. The rewards I get for that far outweigh racking up losses.


One natural consequence of the design where defensive loss is more benefical than win.


What about when you set a good few hours to play Gems? You could set your team to lose while you play, and set it to win when you leave.


You could definitely do that to your advantage.


I fight a due with 1 peasant sometimes… and sometimes i set mine to hero with dusty tome.

what confuses me in the dude that uses 3 guys.


My defense team consists of just one Mercy card. I think it’s kind of funny. :slight_smile:


A defence team with 3 troops almost certainly means the player had two of the same Troop but then ascended it so only one copy was left. Even if you get new copies from chests, your defence team will need manual fixing in this situation.