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The biggest threat of the 2Manti/DB/BD team is

…that it’s making the game boring. That defense team isn’t difficult or dangerous; it’s just annoying. And when it’s 50% of all defense teams I run into, I find myself completely disinterested in the game this week. Sure, there are plenty of things to do other than PVP, but you’re still gonna get your Rank 1 for the week, right? And by the time that’s done, you’re so sick of seeing that team over and over that you just close the game because you don’t want to look at it anymore.

There really needs to be some incentive to run a non-bandwagon defense team, and reward those people whose defense teams are keeping the game interesting. Call it a “meta combo breaker”.


Pvp are free to chose any of 3 options. Just avoid that team, and you are good to go.


What would be cool would be that defends teams rewards is based on of how many used it, and gives better rewards if you f.example are using a defends team only 10% uses, than 25% etc. What I mean is that if someone invade you and lose to your defense team(that not many uses) you have a much greater multiplier for rewards.

Rarity of a troop could be calculated every monday(event reset), of Sirrians list of most used troops during the previous event. The troops could be shared into 50 in each group, the 50 most used, then the 50 next most used, etc…

Multiplier on rewards is then based on each troop individually added together.

To make it greater, having a more rare defens team also gives more gold during PvP invade. it could be anything from base 50-100 gold. That way most want to use a more rare team in their defense team, to also gain a little more gold from PvP.


Out of 600+ battles I did in PvP so far, I think I’ve fought that deck 500+ times. Welcome to the meta. Deal with it or avoid it. Simple. Though I agree that deck is annoying as hell. Not hard to beat, but annoying. But there are plenty of way to deal with that deck.

Our biggest enemy in PvP race is boredom.


Well yes and no.

This is saying people are free to earn less gold and glory and fewer trophies. But we all have reasons for needing to get those as quickly as we can, efficiently, and ideally still having some fun…

Anyone targeting a top 100 slot probably isn’t free to pick 1 or even 2 trophy matches. Those of us with high(er) Guild commitments can’t afford to spend time on too many of the easier matches either…

I agree with @Amadan that the risk is the repetition. Was the case with many of the ‘meta’ teams appearing before - not that they can’t be beaten - but the match is far less fun, and then 75% of matches are the same…


@luhue added something more in my post, think the idea was brilliant! :wink:

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Seems like you got the impression I’m not one of these players.
The OP said there are a lot of things to do besides PvP* but you still need to reach rank 1. I merely suggested that at his journey to rank 1 he avoids those teams. That’s all.

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As far as “deal with it” goes…sorry, no. If there’s a problem that’s making the game dull and boring, then how about we try to fix it instead of just shrugging? The rest of your post is exactly what I mean - the deck certainly isn’t difficult to beat, but its near-omnipresence is making the grind miserable.

Well technically, sure, in the same sense that you’re also free to not PVP anymore. That still doesn’t help. ;p The reality is that anyone trying to make reasonable progress in PVP is always selecting the third team.

Yeah, exactly! If there’s actively an incentive to make less common defense teams - and good ones, not throwaways - then people will try to do it. Especially if the reward ramps up quickly enough to make it worth risking some losses to experiment!


there was actually a lot of ideas put out there to make the pvp defense decks have more variety:[quote=“Annaerith, post:59, topic:11691”]
i heard somewhere in the channel1 a concept of rewarding a uniqueness in the defense
idk in what way rewarding but if the ‘uniqueness’ factor of your def had influence on the points you loose/gain by being attacked and/or some other rewards you could possibly gain by being attacked that could automatically mobilise players to actually try to find less common defense composition and solve the ‘boring’ problem?
(that was my favorite, so you are not alone)


Every single game out there has something main that’s better used then other stuff. Here on gow those are double mant/ db/ bd, or double courage/ mant / bd or any variation, and also troops like mab, ek, death and famine are common troops on defends. Why? because they are simplyou stronger then other troops. If all of them would get nerfed then second best troops now will become best troops of that meta and the “problem” persists. If you have 2 troops with different spells one will have to be on top of the other. There will always be tier 1 troops. If you nerf tier 1 troops then troops that were tier 2 will move up a tier and replace previous tier 1 troops. As the game progressed we saw shifting in meta, but we always had some troops that are considered better then the others. That’s the way it is and it cant be changed.
On other hand you have a lot more variety for invading now which is wonderful!


Exactly. Meta will always shifting. I’ll say it again, deal with it or avoid it. Because when a meta is gone, new meta will come and people who can’t deal with the meta will complain again.


You know, there are only a handful of defenses that I’d call “meta”. Everyone is bitching about Manticore, but Every. Single. One. of those “meta” defenses has either Bone Dragon or Famine in it. Are we looking at the right “problem”?

Note that I think “problem” is an interesting word here, because I never reroll or pick other than the 3-trophy match, seeing these meta decks the large majority of the time, and still win well north of 95% of my invades.

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I don’t see it as a game problem that a devs need to fix. I see it as you get bored and don’t want to deal with the meta. Instead of asking people not to put that deck in their defense, I’d try different builds to deal with them. To avoid boredom.

If your aim in PvP is to get to tier 1, you only need to do around 30-40 battles. And if you already feel bored doing 30-40 battle then you don’t really love this game.


Bone Dragon is the common denominator.

I see M/M/DB/BD a lot but I see BD in some build or another literally EVERY match.

I believe it’s a result of the AI. While other decks might be better when piloted, even the AI is good enough to understand “pick purple/brown (since you tell it to with the banner) until you fire Bone Dragon and kill two troops.”

The only decisions that need to be made are right banner and BD in 3rd/4th position to protect from Khorvash.

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Yes we are looking at the right PROBLEM. Both Bone Dragon and Famine can be dealt with, unlike Manticore - and do you know why? one simple answer - IMPERVIOUS. It’s like someone said (i cba to check if it was in this topic or another), this little shit casts once and has 40+ attack and a huge potential of getting (a lot) more. Take Impervious away from manticores and I guarantee you that half of the people “bitching” about manticore won’t give a crap anymore.
Or take Empowered away from it, one of the two.

good for you, so do I, and that doesn’t change the fact that double manti teams are simply annoying and soul-crushing and make me want to stop playing GoW altogether until this BS is gone. Only because it’s beatable, doesn’t mean it’s not stupidly disgusting to the point of making people quit.

tl:dr manticore might have been nerfed in the past, not enough apparently.

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Leave empower and impervious, take away stun.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if they just removed stun from the game altogether.

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Manticore isn’t the problem. It’s just one of the very few troops the AI can manage to play. The AI is the problem. If it could pilot one of the many, many more effective teams out there, you’d see more variety.

Are people really quitting over winning less than 100% of their games?


No, they’re upset with the lack of variety in the high-end meta. And it’s a legit gripe, IMO.


Yes, it’s Bone Dragon. Another common BD deck is double courage bone dragon + 1 other troop.

Deep borer seems a good pair to BD. Idk but DB tends to always hit to make 4/5 brown matches to fill BD. I had a game where enemy DB had full mana and I can’t deny it. So I deny as many brown as possible and there were only 4 brown on board. DB casted and still made 5 match plus a possible 4 match.

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