I think a mistake has been made

I have faced a single Rockworm in pvp. I have been to quick with the click to battle to notice who this is.

This post is let whoever is using the worms as their defend team know that they need to add 3 more troops. Just trying to help.

The other explanation is that it is a high level player with a ridiculously easy defend team as some had talked about doing in another thread. But I don’t think so because if memory serves the level of the player is under 200.

Game on.

A lot of people use weak defends so they can farm all the defends. The devs only buffed this strategy even more by adding traitstones. It is quite unfortunate that losing an AI defend is still better than winning it.


If that is what this player is doing I wonder what the percentage of defend wins he gets compared to actually trying. Lol.

It should be 0. The player wants to lose.

Defend losses cost only 50 gold for the full reward, can be set to a specific kingdom to farm its traitstones, and gives a much higher overall reward than multiple wins.

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Sounds lazy to me. Playing the system.

Corruption everywhere. Lol.

This is not corruption. As things are now, this is smart playing.

The player gets the benefit of the revenge battles, which currently have higher rewards than wins, so his hero moves forward more quickly. It also gives lower level players an easy fight so they can move forward as well.

Think twice before you criticize something you don’t understand.


+1 to river song

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@RiverSong I wasn’t trying to criticize. Giving my opinion which kind of sounds like criticism. Just me being a smart ass. You are right in that it benefits the player but my original intent was to make sure that this was the case. That the player was doing it on purpose and not an oversight of a new player.

@collectorofgems Okey dokie. No problem here.

Only downside is giving other guilds a fast trophy.

Aside from bragging rights there is no real benefit to trophies anyway. Besides, with the current amount of trophies there is no real competition any more.

I guess we will some guild overhauls next year. 1.0.9 will be hero overhaul so it will not be before 1.0.10.

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I’m prepared to bet they actually just ascended the Rockworm and only have one left now. I could be wrong.


That could be a possibility. I’ve done that myself with Skeletons and then had to wait again to get the number I needed.

Although I ran into a different pvp enemy with the same set up but it was just his hero with Crude Club and no one else with him. So I kind of think it is people doing what has been suggested. Playing to get the revenge win for easier rewards.

I like playing the game so I don’t take the short cuts. It is a lot of work but I think the game is worth it and I’m only lvl 126.

I’ve bumped into that opponent a few times - on the scouting screen his team appeared empty (no troops or hero at all). I wonder if there’s a default set to prevent empty team battles now - they used to cause games to crash.

I don’t think that we will be getting a new guild system in at least next 3 months, it requires a lot of work. But I prefer to see changes to guild first then hero afterwards. Guilds are what glues player to a game, playing and competing with friends is what makes it (more) fun. For example I played clash of clans for about a year. The game itself got boring pretty fast but the clan I was in kept me going. Every time we raced to some specific goal and the chat system is awesome there. Chat system we have here is not horrible but it’s bad, clash of clans chat system should be implemented in literary every game with guilds.

We likely won’t be seeing a patch for guilds 'til the middle to end of next year unfortunately.

The next patch will be for Heroes.
The one after that will likely be on improving defends. (Troop activation priority, defend replays, etc.)

So that’s two major patches covering close to six months.

There might be some Guild improvements sprinkled on along the way, but the staff is presently more focused on improving the single-player experience before the “multiplayer” aspect.

Though I hear we will be getting friends lists :soon::tm:, so that’s a plus!

Could be faster than that. We had 1.0.7 right before PAX AUS, end of October - and then 1.0.8 was mid-December. That’s less than two months, and dealing with PAX AUS too.

seems like a new patch is comming in 3 months