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Truly Fixing the Meta: More Variety in PvP - Rolling Auto-Blacklist

I’d love it if the game could make a check when generating opponents- if you’ve fought any troop or weapon 3+ times in the past 15 matches, and your next match would have that troop, it is rerolled automatically. That’d generate a rolling blacklist that never exceeds 20 troops, and would reward players with more unique defenses by having their defenses rerolled away from less.

This serves to increase the variety of the PvP experience without placing any limits on what a player can use for defenses, and increase exposure to different cards which may pique the creativity of the player.


Not necessarily a problem. Only 2 consistent winners? If this was implemented, someone running a unique defense team that won 1 in 10 times would get more matches and more wins overall than someone who ran meta. You can see a minor version of this already in place- you get noticeably more defense battles running 4x Firebomb than meta right now.

As far as impacting people’s ability to repeatedly farm the easy or stalling teams, that’s not really an issue either. You’ll still see those teams when people set them. We aren’t meant to have readily available access to insta-lose defenses- that’s why 1 troop defenses were removed so long ago.

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