Patch 1.0.85 Bugs - XB1

Here is a list of bugs that I’ve noticed. Some have already been mentioned, but I wanted to include everything I’ve seen in one place so I can submit a link to this topic to 505 support. Feel free to add.

  • “Equip armor that grants a bonus to gold”, 4th task slot

  • This task isn’t functioning.

  • I’ve swapped through each of my armors (with gold bonus, no gold bonus, no bonuses at all, etc…), one by one, and none of them seem to trigger it.

  • It is currently wasting a slot and prohibits new tasks from being obtained.


  • Sylvasi

    • This troop does not show up in the troop list when using the “Show All” filter for players that do not have it.
    • I’ve mentioned this on the forum before, but I’m still convinced there is something bugged with the distribution/unlocking of this troop. (Perhaps a bug akin to the Broken Spire double drop chance?)
  • Can this be looked into and at least confirmed if it is dropping properly? I have every card available (including legendaries) and most in enough quantities to ascend one or more rarities post-patch. But I’ve still yet to unlock this card.

  • Image album: “Show All” filter and Missing Sylvasi

    Troop list

  • Troop rarity issues

  • Card borders occassionally revert to base rarity

    • The border of cards in the troop list shows their base rarity, not their ascended rarity.
    • I haven’t replicated what triggers this, but it does occassionally happen.
      • Note, the ascended card border is shown when looking at the detailed card view or crafting menu (seen on the Ascension or Disenchant tabs)
  • Image album: Troop list rarity issues

  • Level indicators

  • Level indicators are occasionally blank

  • Image: Wolf Knight

    Team Selection

  • Team selection window hangs

    • When looking at a selected team (either prior to entering battle or within the troop list), pressing the “A” button (XB1) backs the user out from the selected team to the list of teams. This HANGS the game for anywhere between 30s and up to ~3 minutes.
    • This is probably the most urgent thing that needs to be addressed from this patch since there is no way to select a different team without going through this process. Please fix this in the fastest means possible and get the patch out to XB1/PS4 ASAP.
  • This exact bug was present in the previous patch. It is not new to 1.0.85

    • 1.0.85 highlighted how bad this issue is since we’re now defaulted to our last used team prior to every battle. In the previous patch we were defaulted to the team list and were forced to select a team. This allowed us to avoid the hang.

    Troop icon issues

  • Ascension icon is inaccurate

    • The blue upward pointing arrow does seem to properly display on all troops that can be ascended.
    • However, the icon is often displayed even though a troop cannot be ascended.
    • I’ve yet to see any consistency in which troops erroneously display this icon.
    • Image album: Ascension Icon issues
  • Trait icon is inaccurate

    • The green(yellow?) upward pointing arrow trait icon does not properly display on all troops that can be traited (i.e, the player has the necessary traitstones, but the icon on the troop card is missing).
    • Also, the icon is often displayed even through a troop cannot be traited (i.e., the player does not have the necessary crafting traitstones to apply a trait, but the icon on the troop card is displayed).
  • For each occurrence that I’ve observed, all traitstone requirements are sufficient other than the first

  • Image album: Trait Icon issues

    Troop sorting issues

  • Filter text

    • Update filter order: “Level (15-1)” should now be “Level (20-1)”.
    • Update filter order: “Upgradeable (14-1)” should now be “Upgradeable (19-1)”
  • Filter ordering

    • When selecting “Upgradeable (14-1)”, troops with a level greater than 15 are shown before troops that are between level 14 and 1, inclusively. Troops that are exactly level 15 are shown after the level 1 troops.
    • When selecting “Rarity”, troops are ordered by their ascended rarity, not their base rarity. If the card borders in the troop list are supposed to be base rarity, then they should be sorted by base rarity. If the card borders in the troop list are supposed to be ascended rarity, then the ordering isn’t bugged (just confusing due to the border rarity bug). Perhaps two separate filters should be added in the next update: base rarity and ascended rarity.
  • Image: “Upgradeable” sorting issue

  • Cursor/Selection issues:

    • If you are using any filter that would dynamically adjust the order of the troops based on stats (level, rarity, attack, etc…) and then affect the stat which is being filtered via leveling the troop or ascending it, the selection cursor appears to follow the troop, but the players focus on the troop list remains unchanged (i.e., the player is several pages down the list, but the cursor is up at the top somewhere).
      • To replicate: use the “Upgradeable” filter and scroll down the list to where you only see level 1 troops. Select a level 1 troop, give it 1 level to make it a level 2 troop. Now back out of the crafting view and the detailed card view (two “B” button presses on the XB1 controller) to return to the troop list. You’ll see the cursor is missing. If you hold down on your D-pad or your left joystick, it will eventually come into view.
      • This works fine with alphabetical filters, since ascending or leveling a troop doesn’t change its name. Only the filters that look at stats have this issue.
  • Cursor disappearing:

    • Sometimes the cursor will disappear entirely and the only way to get it to come back is to exit the troop list and come back into it. This happens when applying more than one filter that would narrow the list of options.

      • To replicate: Go to the troop list and select “Adana” from the Kingdom Filter. Set the troop type filter to “Beast”. No troops cards are listed. If you go back and and adjust the filters to show cards, the cursor is missing and can’t be found unless you exit the troop list and return.

      Load times

  • Load times for coming into the game have significantly increased (essentially tripled) since the patch. I’m now seeing load times at 1m30s consistently.

  • I have the game installed on an external solid state drive and load times use to be ~30 seconds from when I first pressed “A” on my controller until I was placed on the Kingdom Map.

  • This may not be a bug, but a 3x increase in load seemed like it was worth mentioning. Is anyone else seeing this?

  • Image: Where the loading screen hangs longer than it use to

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Great list! I can respond to a couple of these right now:


This troop has not yet unlocked. There was a brief window of time when it was dropping from chests by mistake, so those who got it then should be able to use it. But it will be one of our weekly troops in the future, and should be available for everyone starting that week.

Order by rarity:

Cards in this sorted list are meant to be sorted by their ascended rarity. This matches the functionality of the PC/mobile version. Getting the ability to sort by base rarity is a big request people are making - we’ll follow infinity+2’s lead on implementing that.

Load times:

Yes, load times have gone up. It’s something we’re looking at improving in a future patch.

There’s also the problem of players having VIP 0 even though they’ve spent money on the game.

Another bug: Bone Dragon should be immune to poison with the first trait activated, but he isn’t.
Raising the difficulty, isn’t giving the extra bonus on souls or gold and probably XP.

Yup hope to hear something back about that today or tomorrow

FYI, I updated the post with the Team Selection bug (which I’m sure you’re aware of at this point) and the missing level indicators (under the troop list section).

This happened in the previous 1.07 as well.

Gold bonus with increased difficulty dont work for me too (dragon armour and vip lvl put me in 225% and thats all i got even if i setup a difficulty that will give me over 300%. ex: 1000 gold match with 300% or more still give me around 2400 depending on gems combo. it should be minimum 3000.

Another issue: in hero menu, stats: glory pts show around 260 000, but i have only 5000 or 6000.

The Glory issue was explained to me (from Mr. Strange) that internally, experience was called glory, so that glory is actually your xp and will be fixed next version.

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Also the Arena gives Losses completely random. No matter if you win, it marks the match as loss. Sometimes when you win the first match it straight out marks two losses and the arena run is over. This is on PS4. Makes the (slot 1) Arena task undoable.

I haven’t found any pattern to this. Even if you have all your troops alive in the end of the battle it still marks it as a loss. Poison/burning bug is not the cause either.

Anyone else experience this? We haven’t seen it internally - so if it’s consistent for you, we’ll need to figure out what about your configuration is forcing this bug to appear.

Any patterns you can discern? Weapon choice, etc?

Everytime I’ve played my team has been different so I don’t think it has anything to do with the troops or skills or weapons used.

All matches are not marked as loss, but very often they are. I had similar problems before update but it has gone worse since the update. I haven’t been able to clear all 8 matches after update although I extremely rarely lose the legit way.

Edit: My guess it’s because of connection issues. I do see often error messages about application making 6000+ tries in a minute or something like that. But it doesn’t always show up before arena bug.

additional issues experienced:

  1. Do not see the appropriate stats of the enemy troops when scouting - e.g. attack/armor/life/magic/level.
  2. Upgradeable troops do not always appear correctly. Some indicate they are upgradeable and they are not … and vice versa.

Went to the Arena to see if that “win is being popped as a loss” thing was repeatable on xb1, sadly another one came up: bonuses aren’t calculating. I have a Wild armor (+25% souls, +50% XP) and set the difficulty to hard (+10% gold, +10% XP, +25% to souls) and at the end of the first battle got… 35 gold and 4 souls. second battle, 4 souls. So, maybe i was supposed to get 32 gold, but that souls thing is… frustrating.

I can confirm that the bonuses tied to Difficulty aren’t working.

Gonna play on Normal until it’s fixed, no use to make the matches harder with no reward :smiley:


I was also under the impression that Arena was a “level playing field” but i did see a traited Boar Rider my last battle.:unamused:

Well i can confirm that difficulty perks arent working in pvp correctly but when the rewards are set like in challanges they are working.

Also I dont know why but sometimes when i reload my 1st task changes even if i have some progres on it -.-

Yeah, the troops definitely benefit from traits. That is consistent, not intermittent, behavior. But I agree, it doesn’t make for a level playing field, so I’m not sure if that was intended.

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It’s the ONE reason i like Arena. No Legendaries, nothing amped up on steroids…

The first Task will reset if you reload the game after the daily reset. It’s the only one that does, the rest will stay there until they are completed.