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Patch 2.1.5 Known Issues

Hey Guys,

With the release of the 2.1 Update, we’ve created this place where we’ll list out issues players have been encountering and keep you updated on our current progress with them. Please post an issues you see here.

To keep the list for dragging out we are not including an open issues left over from 2.0.1, but rest assured we have all previously reported issues listed out.

Updated: 21th November 2016, 11:19AM AEST

  • Infernal King’s 3rd Trait is triggering even though he is stunned on Death. Status: Investigating
  • Can start a new battle while in the middle of a battle through chat, causing the game to crash. Status: Investigating
  • Chat Button can appear twice when looking at another player’s team then backing out of the battle. Status: Fixed
  • Ghost Orbweaver Hero triggered when it summons a Giant Spider on damage that caused death. Status: Investigating
  • Summoned Troops’ traits are not triggering correctly. Status: Investigating
  • AI summoned troops summoned with incorrect buffs (particularly on Warlord difficulties). Status: Investigating
  • Transformed enemy’s traits still triggering after being transformed. Status: Investigating
  • Guild Reward mail saying that player collected rewards from another guild, when they hadn’t (We will be trying to get a fix out to the servers ASAP). Status: Investigating
  • Lion and Tiger Weapon is not working correctly. Status: Investigating
  • Humility’s 3rd Trait triggering inconstantly. Status: Investigating.
  • Guild statues still show level 100. Status: Investigating. Looks the issue is being caused in another place that we missed in testing.
  • Classes are not giving the +5 Magic bonus to weapons with dual colors. Status: Investigating.
  • Troops summoned over troop killed by Burning, have burning status effect on summon. Status: Investigating.
  • Players are not receiving correct number of seals when collecting. Status: Investigating.
  • Guild Chat is misbehaving. Status: We believe we have a fix but it requires a client update to go out.
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A bug that was happening before but not often enough for me to report it. But heck I might as well.
Humility third trait tends not to happen when it’s health is being damaged by rowanne split damage. I noticed that a total of 3 times with rowanne. Maybe it happens on other split damage but I don’t encounter those.

Clicking repick for 1 gem sometimes causes an endless loading screen. This has been occurring since the button was created. No clue yet if it has been fixed this patch.

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@Nimhain, Guild statues still show level 100.

We’re having a look, we believed we fixed it after the last update.

Game gets stuck for me when I’m trying to back out of the Hero screen (no matter which tab). If I just changed something there’s an endless spinning wheel, if I didn’t change anything then the hero image just disappears and nothing happens.

This happens on both PC and Android.

I know people are going to throw stones at me for warning you devs, but Necromancy is still giving me a 50% bonus and raising the cap by 50%…

Male Wargare has no eyes for me (Style 2).

What platform are you playing on?

Like it’s blank or has no pupil?

Can you restart the game and try again?

Steam. It sems to have been fixed mid-battle. I have a normal bonus of x3, had 3 troops with Necro, cap was 100. First battle got 300 souls, 2nd battle reached 100 again, but got 267 souls.

Hmm, cap is still showing as 100. It should be 70, right?

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Works now, thanks.

Your team looks amazing. Well done on constructing such a dead looking team.

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Although it says 100 and my bonus is x3, I keep getting 267 souls.

do we know when the game will be back up?

Another problem, my profile card shows the armor I have bonus for, instead of the one I chose for display.

I especially bought Pirate Armor because I think it looks better, and it does show on the small avatar pic on the top left of the world map, but when clicking on it to show the profile it shows Dragon Armor instead.

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Noticed the same, wasn’t bothered enough to report :slight_smile:

If you are on iOS, we are waiting on Apple to release the update, unfortunately it’s out of our hands.

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