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Patch 2.1.5 Known Issues

I’m on android

Genicide have you gotten the new update? There should be one in the Playstore

Like it’s blank or has no pupil?

Like it has fur for eyes

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What platform are you playing on?
Can you post a screenshot?

Maybe this was intended, but it kinda looks like a bug.

Defeating yourself in a “test” battle, while correctly not rewarding gold, souls, etc… still counts as a win for earning 5 seals. It also counts as a victory towards class.

edit: No longer gives seals, but still counts as a class win. Not really a big deal though.

Closing chat is taking about 20-30 seconds for me.

Soul obtained is just not right. I had 50 souls on 1 match, x3 bonus, got 105 souls.

A theory: the last souls obtained in the fight are not being counted? 105 and 267 are both a mulitple of my x3 bonus.

@MakoSipper we’ll have a look

Another theory:

I was in a match with 2 Necromancers, cast Banshee’s spell (for 23 souls) once and kill all 4 enemies. The in-game counter says 54, which should be (23+4) x [100% + 2*(50%)]. Times 3, I should’ve gotten 162 souls.

But I actually got 123. Now let’s do the reverse math:

123 / 3 = 41. I know for sure that that my base collected souls should’ve been 27 (23 from Banshee + 4 from enemies). So, 41 / 27 ~= 1.5.

Well, 1.5 = [100% + 2*(25%)].

My conclusion on revamped Necromancy:

  • Each instance of it raises the cap by 50%
  • Each instance of it raises the obtained souls by 25%
  • The in-battle soul counter shows the wrong numer, as it seems to think Necromancy raises the obtained souls by 50%, not 25%.

This is a known bug.

This? What part? Anyway, it’s not written here in this thread.

The soul generation is not correct. This has been said by sirrian and he plans to revert the pictures because something went wrong with the code.

I saw that post, but it was too vague. I was sharing what I observed because perhaps it would help them look into it. But Necromancy is not giving 50% souls as Sirrian claimed, it’s giving 25%.

It should be raising the cap, and not giving souls. This is a big problem indeed.

It should do both, actually. Both +25%. But one is +50%, the other is +25%, in-game soul cap counter thinks it’s all 50%, card mentiones only 25%

Another one: In-battle Hero avatar seems to be improperly cut (check the arrows):

This meant it raises the cap by 25% so i guess you are right maybe, i am not sure if i read it right. I thought it only raised the cap by 25%

Sirrian has discussed this…