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2.1 Known Issues

PC issues of poor connections, droppings, and disconnects still ongoing.

Echoing the connection issues. Retry, retry, retry…

on x1 cans i have my guild statue

IOS and PC both timing out on everything I do today. The game is not playable this was so I hope they fix this issue asap.

We looking into the server issues any updates we’ll post here:

No eta at the moment. We want to look at how the game is handling the order of resolution of effects.

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Thank you for the response. I know there’s a lot more than just flipping a switch to fix issues like that. I was just curious if something was being done.

There is a couple of issues that we may be able to resolve at once when we review this. So it is something we would like to do.

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Monday blues:

It’s only a minor glitch, but there is a rounding problem for the Daily Bonus in the League screen:

I found a really weird display issue~

%1 is a very lucky person.

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Moar you sayz?

Had to restart the game:

Immediately after restart:

Had over 200 guild seals to be retained but only gave me 61

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When kerberos trait procs to summon Warg and the troop that got killed had burning effect on it, burning effect gets transfered to Warg. Kill was made by matching skulls from a troop that had trait to burn enemies on skull damage (infernal king as seen in picture). Can’t post the picture because it’s to large :confused:

Wrong known issues thread, but I’ve added both of these to the 2.1.5 Known issue list here:

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Oh dear, sorry Nim I got them mixed up :confused:


Guild task reward error…

but I’ve been in this guild a long time…

This came after a “success error” message in the task itself. Retrying to donate indicated the task had already been completed. I didn’t take a mental note of whether the 2 maps were in the other guild rewards message. So, it may just be an unnecessary message.

Draakulis’s third trait is triggering while he’s entangled and doing no damage. Is this intended? If so should he be updated to read ‘on skull match’ like Courage?

Edit: also triggers when enemy’s Agile trait does

Try to put this question here: Patch 2.1.5 Known Issues

It may help you more…

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