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2.1 Known Issues

Hey Guys,

With the release of the 2.1 Update, we’ve created this place where we’ll list out issues players have been encountering and keep you updated on our current progress with them. Please post an issues you see here.

To keep the list for dragging out we are not including an open issues left over from 2.0.1, but rest assured we have all previously reported issues listed out.

Updated: 26th September 2016, 1:06PM AEST

  • The image for the Souls bonus in the purple Guild Statue is incorrect (shows XP star instead of Souls icon) Status: Will be fixed in the next update.
  • If you purchase from the guild shop, your maximum Seal cap for the week increases, but that increase takes a short time to show in the Guild Menu (you often have to leave the menu and re-enter it) Status: Will be fixed in the next update.
  • The chat button can disappear on certain menus when you back out of them. eg. going from the Troops screen back to the Team Select screen. Status: Will be fixed in the next update.
  • Stunned Infernal Kings are still resurrecting upon death. Status: Investigating.
  • Chests menu defaults to VIP chests when you have guild chest keys. Status: fixed in next update.
  • Kingdoms with 6* stars are not giving bonus skill points correctly. Status: fix out.
  • Guild Statues were not displaying correctly for high level guilds. Status: temporary fix out. Missing Statue images should be fixed, however we had to cap the statue level visually to level 100, until the next update. However it will be giving correct bonus for levels beyond 100.
  • The Dragon Soul’s 3rd trait Possession is causing a ghost troop that may cause game to get stuck. Status: Investigating, to prevent any issues of Dragon Souls in PVP defense teams, we have changed Possession to be similar to the Immortal King’s 3rd Trait Immortal. This change is temporary, until we are able to fix the issue.
  • Humility’s 3rd Trait triggering inconstantly. Status: Investigating.
  • Somebody else completing task error message is causing game think it needs an update. Status: Fix should be out.
  • Guild Leaderboard showing guilds sharing same rank despite different Trophy amounts. Status: Fix should be out.
  • Guild Statues have negative XP. Status: Fix should be out.
  • Can open Chat multiple times when fighting another player. Status: Investigating.
  • Players level 1001+ are not getting Gem Mastery choices. Status: This is working as intended, we decided that players at those levels no longer find getting more Gem Masteries are useful. We give out Event Keys to them instead.
  • Players are not gaining seals when they achieve 60 turns in a Treasure Hunt game. Status: There is an error which requires players to get 61 turns for this to be counted towards seals. We will work on getting a fix for a future update.
  • Players receiving Token Mismatch error. Status: We are working to get a fix but it will require a client update.
  • Ghost Orbweaver Hero triggered when it summons a Giant Spider on damage that caused death. Status: Investigating.
  • Guild Guardians stop dropping from chests when you have 4 of all of them. Status: We’ve located the problem and are fix should now be out.

I didn’t see anything listed about reducing Emperor Khorvash’s magic but mine shows to be down 4 points.

Also stunned Infernal Kings are still resurrecting upon death.

This doesn’t look right to me.

We haven’t touched his magic. We’re not sure why it would have gone down.

What platform are you playing on?

It was 20 before the update. 23 if in the first position.

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That’s what I see too. I’m playing on an IPad Air.

I’m on iOS v9.3.4 using an iPhone 6S.

The ? Marks on statues are supposed to detail rewards right ?

They dont show nothing

@Studs and @AutumnRose

We are fixing your issue where you are not seeing Guild statues.

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I’m also seeing a loss of Magic (3 points in my case) for all troops.


Incidentally, I now have 3 of the 4 Magic kingdoms at 6*. Maybe 6* and up no longer gets the 2x bonus from 5*?

The same seems to hold for Attack. I have 2/3 Attack kingdoms at 6*+, and as a result I’ve lost 2 Attack from all troops. Looks like 6* and up no longer gets 2x bonuses.


If I have a connection issue when contributing gold to Guild tasks, it gives me the usual “Someone already contributed” error, but then it boots me to the map screen and says the game has updated and I need the update, so I have to restart the game.

I clearly have the update, so this seems like a bug. Has now happened both times I had a connection issue while contributing.

I think that’s it. My Forest of Thorns is my only 6* and now I’m down 1 Attack on all my troops. My magic hasn’t been reduced.

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I can confirm additional stars eliminate the five star perk

Hey guys,

We’re looking into the disappearing skill bonuses at the moment.

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Yup, and I have 3 Armor kingdoms at 6*, and a corresponding loss of 3 Armor. Seems to be affecting all stats, it’s just easiest to see on Magic and Attack since people focus more on those.

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And a single point is more noticeable through all the trait buffs going after health armor and atk