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Improve Game Chat

Although I am fairly new to the Community Chat, I am a 2+ yr. player of Gems of War.

Devs, please fix or somehow improve the current in game chat. The current in game chat will only “store” the first post a player makes. This limitation combined with a “twitter length” message restriction makes any communication via in game chat highly problematic to say the least. Could you somehow limit or partially disable Global Chat or limit the number of messages Global Chat sends and thereby improve Guild Game Chat?

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+1 to this.

Pinging devs @sirrian @nimhain is this on the (we know, rather long) fix list?

Edit: it’s not in the 2.1.5 bug list, I checked: Patch 2.1.5 Known Issues

This is from the Gow Community Discord server:


This has been an ongoing problem for many months. One can only hope it gets fixed some day.

Thank you posting yonizaf!

Thank you Nimhain on the confirmation this is being looked into and will be addressed. The current situation makes it almost impossible to communicate using Guild Chat.

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When you leave for vacation and everything is fine, then when you come back and everything is on fire. Poor tech lead, i hope his vacation was good.

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Also would love to see an more advanced guild chat. Although, dont take this too much of a compaint: the very first way to talk with your other guild members way back was… perhaps the most bad worst so… :stuck_out_tongue:

I can just add in what folks posted earlier here. At certain points or time a day (doesnt seem to have a predictable flaw) the guild chat mostly uses a lot of the content that users put in. So, which causes that we as a team are often still bad in conversations. If the messages had some timestamp it might have been workable a tiny bit… But As it is now, Messy. This is a big thing for me in a game like Gems of War. A strong Guild needs strong team bonding, it helps and gets members even more motivated. It’s a shame the game, right now cant use that full potential yet.

But for now there are secondary temporaly options. Like, on steam you can group your guild- and have the chats there.

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Agree, good to Know DEVS are looking into this! I expect we see a major improvement in the reduction of the “dropping rows” bug upon next release! :smiley:

Continue to experience this bug constantly! Watched many rows of chat disappear today, making the communication impossible for people to understand.