Pan's Vale Trial is a Troll

Honestly what were the Devs thinking when they made this trial? For those of you who dont know I’ll explain.

You are given :
1.The Burrow warden who steals attack and shifts it to health.
2.Silent Guard who steals attack and shifts it to armor and barriers the team.
3.Satyr who steals 2 armor from last enemy (doesnt scale) and shift it to magic, then deals damage (for me 42) and gains an extra turn.
4.Caprinicus who deals damage (44 for me and more if they are a boss lol), steals 4 attack (no scalling) and shifts it to Magic.

They are given :

  1. Sylvasi who steals attack then shifts it to his own attack then changed blue gems to purple to boost the steal.
  2. Faunessa who team heals based on the damage she deals (min 60).
  3. Elwyn who detroys a column and row and deals damage boosted by yellow destroyed (min 60)
  4. The silent one who slences your entire team and himelf.

The banner you are given gives you bonus green and yellow, you have no yellow troops whilst they have 3.
You are basicly locked into a near endless battle swapping sylvasi’s attack for health and doing damage to the silent one wih satyr poor damage output which quickly caps as he also damages thier armor, by about the 20 min mark all teams have 0 attack. All this while their team healer is constantly healing them to the 1000hp cap. You have no way to create mana for yourself other than matching gems whilst they have 1 gem creator and 1 gem destroyer.

If this wasnt bad enough you also have to deal with the new death mark gems which their Elwyn constantly destroys meaning you can outright die whilst you cant destroy them (unless you blow up an uber skull next to it).

Do not waste your time on this trial. I would say that this is worse than last weeks event simply because last weeks was hard but at least you lost quickly, meaning you get some reward whilst this event takes 30mins a fight (even if you lose).


I agree completely! It would take way too much time to defeat the trial team with the small amount of damage you can do. This is turning into more of a job or a chore than a game.


Yeah. I was lucky and completed the first one on my second try. It took OVER 2 HOURS. Since then, not so lucky, and I am giving up. Better things to do with my time.


Thanks devs , finally I find a reason to leave the game . Patje aka Lzzy aka The Glory Hunter would like to thank everyone for the fun times in the past :hugs: :hugs:


Well, it took about 20 minutes for me to make level 225. Such a pathetic piece of shame. I can’t remember anyone ever asked for THIS game mode.

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In fact, 6.9 update is a troll and to keep having some fun remained, don’t even bother with trials in every kingdom.


The last two trials have felt completely impossible. Just not worth it. I’m going to hold off playing the mode until they revamp it. At a minimum we should have control over the troops in use and the banner. Preferably we could also use a hero and the class for that kingdom.


Are you the one with level 3000? oh, maybe you’re gone for good.

I don’t understand this trial period? It’s not going to help you become a better player if anything 505 you’re going to push people away.

You guys completely redid the campaign and made it so easy its actually boring but then release crap like this and for what? I’m not a noob nor am I a low level but I have requirements that need to be met and wasting hours making little to no headway is BS.

To add insult to injury the very first card steals what little precious attack points you have as well as it has agile so literally every other attack misses it. The trial is completely doable but the amount of time you want us to invest in finishing it is ludicrously absurd!


This goes into the epic fail/boring category. I tried twice this morning & just gave up. Way too dull.


The devs destroyed a perfectly fine game mode in order to monetize it to target new players into spending money on gems to buy the offers to upgrade the troops so that they may have the belief that they have a fighting chance.

Instead all they did was piss off the playerbase and now ever more people are quitting cause they are tired of all of this nonsense. With each update this game gets worse and becomes more monetized in order to make any type of progression.

Frankly, I’m about to quit it altogether as well, as after a year grinding explore, i’ve only ever had 11 horde mimic fights and have yet to get that useless mythic mimic troop. Because the RNG required to not only spawn the battle but to get the troop is insane.


I got this faction to Epic Quality and this is my thoughts.

I tried it out multiple times. I lost all attack power right off the bat and then saw that the enemy troops had all just hit over 600 health. I saw that my main attack power was 1. Yes 1. I just laughed, flipped off the screen and quit.

I then wondered how many other people were experiencing the same thing. It appears a lot and it appears the devs are perplexed by us being upset. Wonderful to see.


The Pan’s Vale epic trial is actually relatively easy, just extremely tedious and time consuming. Once you lose all your attack, that actually helps protect you because it also means Sylvasi can’t steal any more attack, and you just have to remove all his. Then it’s just a matter to matching gems and slowly killing all their troops with Caprinicus. Sileni Guard can barrier your troops to prevent any spell damage.

I just completed the epic trials and only ever felt like I was in danger losing once, and that’s when they got lucky and destroyed 2 death mark gems with Elwyn. 3x Medal of Orpheus helped cleanse that pretty quickly. Besides that, it was extremely boring and I just watched something off to the side.

To be clear though, I still don’t think to this is set of well designed set of teams.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but the Gem offer only appears if you win the battle, right? There’s no “Gem sink” available to actually help you with the battle (unlike the event sigil buff and event Shop purchases) so even from a monetization perspective they’re STILL designing it wrong.

Even on paper, you can steal Sylvasi’s attack in ways that it can’t steal back, and combined with Sileni’s Barrier means skull damage is no longer a threat so your team can actually be rendered very survivable. However, it’s also vital to note this means you are unable to steal your Attack back from Sylvasi (because it’s always shifted to something else), so once both lead troops are reduced to 0 attack, it’s a game of your Caprinicus vs. their Healer. Which is technically winnable, but at high levels IS a total slog and an easy risk of stalemate (remember, the player always loses every stalemate).

Why couldn’t they put King Silenus on the team? Burn DOT plus steal enemy Magic, eventually the odds will shift to your favor.


The other half where players (mostly newer ones) are offered trial troops they don’t own after winning a trial, including the early ones.

King Silenus is absolute pants in this Epic Trial scenario. It would only steal 3 magic for itself if you hit Faunessa or Elwyn, and only 2 if you’re focusing on Sylvasi or The Silent One. Each cast only steals 1 magic per target and by Epic Trial 5, they had around upper 80 magic? something like that.

That’s even worse than Caprinicus gaining 4 magic per cast. You would have to cast Silenus way more than you would for Caprinicus to get a similar amount of damage output, only now the damage isn’t focused as much. (Faunessa will just outheal it for much longer).

I already think Caprinicus is a bad troop. Silenus is just worse here.

Also when the enemy AI has 400+ armor and 1000 hp. Burn is useless. Absolutely useless.


I did the same exact thing, but with Satyr last. 3x Orpheus is defintinely the way to go. 12 extra magic for Caprinicus at the start isn’t worth potentially getting your whole team deathmark killed, or having to wait 5-10 turns for silence to clear.

The Burrow Warden
Sileni Guard

Barrier and reduce Sylvasi’s attack to 0.
Use Cap to kill in this order: Faunessa, Elwyn, The Silent One, Ancient Horror if summoned, and lastly Sylvasi.
Barrier as needed to defend against Elwyn and AH.
Try to set up and doomskull match deathmark gems, if you get the opportunity.
You can use Satyr right away against The Silent One until its armor is gone, but don’t bother hitting health until Faunessa is dead.

I didn’t lose after starting the above strategy. Tedious but overall way easier and less luck based than Khetar.


The so-called “tactics” for this are pretty simple as it’s so limited - it’s doable even for people who are not maxed out in all stats and refuse to upgrade troops just for this (unlike Khetar), it’s just mind-numbingly boring.

I refuse to believe these trials are a prudent money-maker.

  • you only get offers after completing a trial
  • people who completed the challenges do not get offered the troops at all (and it’s easy to be a player who’s done them and is far from having all troops, let alone at max level).

The system is an abomination on all fronts. It’s tedious, pointless and frustrating. It teaches you nothing beyond what NOT to do - everyone learns that themselves by trial and error, and no one needs their hand held to learn how to do stuff very badly. It won’t encourage new players to keep going by showcasing the worst troops and the worst troop composition. It wastes server time by having people locked in the same battles forever. Compared to other game modes, where you actually progress and are then tempted to buy sigils etc to keep going - this will just make people rage-quit after being stuck doing one intensely dull battle for actual hours - which you either constantly lose or eventually win, but feel no joy in having done so, just irritation at the time wasted, not to mention that losing due to deathmark or something after spending up to hours in a battle is intensively demotivating. Psychologically, this is much more likely to make people not spend money and not want to play the game. Finally, the pets are not worth it. I made the mistake of buying the pet bundle after finishing the first battle, and it did not make the second one easier. I will never do this again. There are a myriad of better ways to spend gems.

If they are looking for new monetisation methods, give people more ways to get diamonds, so it doesn’t take 6 weeks to get enough diamonds for a mythic (not everyone is in a super-duper guild, nor wants to be), which you might end up never even using (looking at you, King Irongut).



I fully share the dissatisfaction and indignation of the players with the difficulty of passing trials in some kingdoms. But this is far from the only problem of this game, it is much more difficult to get some troops.
For me, this game has gradually become a strategy of finding ways to overcome the difficulty and achieve the desired goal as quickly as possible. In the Pan’s Vale I passed lvl 225, 250, 275 and 300 in 15 minutes using Gnome-a-Palooza. Very fast and easy for me (my lvl in the game 1582 ). I didn’t set myself the task of proving to myself that I can defeat a difficult enemy (it’s real, but VERY LONG), I only needed copies of the pet. If anyone has the same goal as me, I have shown you a way to achieve it. :slight_smile:


Relatively easy cannot be used in the same sentence as tedious and time consuming.

OT: As much as this is just something to keep people enjoying the game in a challenging way it really is not the best way to go about it the main thing to of really been somewhat decent here would be to let us enter trial’s with a common/rare/ultra rare and epic of our choosing (from within the kingdom ofc) then it would be somewhat more reasonable but eh what do we know. Although dev’s kudos for you’s to give us something to do for a new pet BUT not the bestest way for it.

I think it can in this case - from my experience (granted I only did the first elite trial this week, not going to bother with the rest) it was not difficult, but it took forever. Didn’t lose any troops, was never at a big risk of losing, but it took forever to beat due to how little damage I did each cast and how irregularly I got to cast.

I’m still of the opinion to try to beat one trial each week and no more. I’ll use orbs or whatever on these pets if/when the time comes that I need to for progression.