Who comes up with these events?!

Guys these events really are embarrassing that you would even bother to put them in the game.

“Use a pans vale team and gain 20 souls per battle”

What about the fact anyone with common sense that knows they require souls already uses dragon soul/valk/ or whatever else to generate souls. NONE of which come from pans vale.

What troops do actually generate souls is normally more than this pathetic amount that no one in their right mind should change their normal fast team to a crappy pans vale team, one that realistically there isnt a lot of synergy.

The easiest way to do this would have been work out what the average player gets in there normal battles and make it quite a lot better. As a dragon soul user thats 80 souls per battle I would say somewhere around 150 per battle MAY make people think about using a pans vale teams.

  1. You should not get the souls if you lose

As for the other event “explore for elves” like seriously? There is no controlled environment that will allow you more than 1 maybe 2 and in a lot of cases 0 elfs.

Like why not doing something smart? Something exciting?

Pans vale is basically about silencing, so why not 1 point per silenced troop in battle? I am sure you may want to put the rewards higher values because this would be easier but itd be a lot more fun and get people using the kingdom how it should be used.

The whole idea of these events is supposed to be to get people using features and troops within the game that arent in use. I guarantee 100% that nobody unless they are a complete noob will have any interest or benefit from these events and in fact they do more to deter the community than provide value to it.

You could hold weekly polls or ask for ideas one week, then poll it the next week between 4 ideas that way the community will stop the poor stream of events that people hate, dont take part in and generally feel let down they were even used as a event in the first place.


Events have been crept back pretty continuously. We lost the ability to get kills in challenges, then PvP. Now we’re stuck with what the RNG hands us in Explore. Even with perfect fours you’re going to be over 60 matches to finish the event since unlike mechs or daemons there aren’t any summoners to increase the rate of return. And as you pointed out it’s much more likely to be in the 150+ range even if you stick to Zhul’Kari and Forest of Thorns.

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i assume the soul-rewarding team building events are for entirely new players who rarely have any soul-generating troops (and even when have some, their magic is so low that the troops often not worth casting)

but i still think 4 of a kind is a little too much


If it was 20 souls per Pans vale troop used that would be so much better.
And yeah, limiting us to explores this week is stupid.

I love the idea of getting am event point each time we silence an enemy.


i think 10 souls per pans vale troop sounds reasonable :stuck_out_tongue:

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It does. Even if it was 5 souls per Pans troops, its still way better then 20 for 4 or you get nothing.

Devs arent going very creative with events, which strikes me as odd since they are creative folks.
25% boost parts are good, but using troop event, and collecting event points - those tend to be a total miss sometimes. And we could see so much different options as conditions but we still havent.


I think the worry that they keep it so low is they also don’t want people to simply put in 4 lvl 1s and lose simply to get a big payout. Which by making sure the reward is higher but only based on winning makes this not a problem. They would also have to think about the other side if everyone is using 1 troop defenses to make it easier for everyone to soul farm then making the second event combat the weakness in the first is the way to go e.g “use pans vale team on your defense to gain 20 souls per defense win/lose” which would actually be a lot more appreciated and make more sense.

So effectively if I was to say what would be the best way to re do this event maybe…

Silenced enemies in any battle mode or a specific mode as its a lot more controlled could be 1, with the points system they have adjusted to suit.

2 could be set your defense to a pans vale team and gain 20 souls per defense. OR like what has been discussed of souls per troop used. OR even double souls per troop if your defense wins that way you may choose 2 pans vale troops that syngery with 2 other troops and learn a new good team. Which is the point of the events.

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I agree the creativity is seriously lacking which maybe in part due to using the functionality they have available to them. I would be pretty sure that there is no way at this time they could count “effects” e.g the silence and im not sure how much it would take to add to the game. But at least if they did add it to the game based on effects it would offer a very wide range of options for them to cater future events with.

I assumed the poor Souls option was for newbies, and that’s fine…great, even.
BY all means, do Events for new players.

I can remember being new and not having Valkyrie, although that was only for about a week or two, and I’m sure I had Banshee or Warg or something else, anyway.

But the Elf hunting event is terrible by any metric, let alone for new players who haven’t unlocked all 3 Explores.

Those Explores routinely yield ZERO Elves COMBINED.

What would a new player think of the collection part of the Event? Wow, this game is really fun and creative, or OMG this game is dull and repetitive and frustrating?

So the “helping new players” excuse only goes so far.

I agree, i havent even been tempted to make a Pans Vale team this week. We could of at least added the elf part to PVP that way people could of set up some new Defense teams.

Building an entire team for +20 souls is terrible even for new players. You not only need to have the requisite troops in the first place, but you have to spent souls to get them to a usable level. If you were using level 10 troops, you still need them at about level 5. If you were using level 5 troops, you probably don’t have a viable pan’s vale team. Couple this with the fact that you can’t use a soul generator at all and you are basically shooting yourself in the foot. Heck, you can use Tyri to get a map and play the treasure hunt for about 80 souls in far less time than it would take to complete 4 battles for 20 extra souls each with a Pan’s Vale team, and that is already one of the most circuitous ways to even obtain souls.

Every other team building event that has come down the pipleline aside from souls has generally either been a wash or selectively beneficial to a few groups of people, but the 20 souls for using a full team of x need to be pulled from the rotation.

As for elves in explore, this would not be nearly as bad if there were an in-game button that lets you repick explores. Using difficulty shuffling to get the teams you want highlights one of my biggest pet peeves about not considering the path-of-least resistance when putting in a gameplay mechanic where you have to grind against RNG. Because you can difficulty shuffle, it basically means this is the “correct” way to complete the event. With elves, it doesnt take too many shuffles to find a bunch of teams with three elves and from there you can finish out the event by the time you are finished with seals even assuming you did your first 40 some battles in PvP to get tier 1. However, for future events, I would strongly prefer they were not restricted to explore because 1) it removes even a community reason for people to use an elf team on their defense to help others out and therefore make everyone have less variety overall and and 2) there are far, far worse races than elves to hunt for in explore, Merfolk for example.

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i agree :cry: