Simple change for upcoming Pan's Vale trial

Next week is Pan’s Vale kingdom event, with an even more toxic trial setup than Khetar:


Disregarding unsuccessful attempts, a succesful run (if even possible) will likely take hours of chipping away at 1000 health troops that constantly get topped up again by Faunessa. There’s no way to stall or counter, so the fun factor is bound to go through the roof.

Here’s a simple and easy to implement request, exchange teams. Move the team on the right side to the left, shove the roadkill over to the right. Thank you for preserving our sanity.


As wack as this is - I think next week might be a “Use a GAP and let the enemy gnomes run away”
Unless they patch that out too.


What a great idea :+1:

I re-posted this in Trial Team Feedback - #106 by mitamata

Not sure if that actually increases the odds of it being seen, but worth a shot.

These trials are horrible.

I tried that this week and the damn things don’t want to run away. :neutral_face:

Took me all 15 minutes of one GaP to finish the last two trials.

Not really a sustainable option for that mess.

Makes me start to wonder if they didn’t intend for us to drain our GaPs for this. Yes, I expect the worst by now. :sweat_smile:


Ooooof that sucks