Forest of Thorn Trial Changes

Originally published at: Forest of Thorn Trial Changes – Gems of War

Due to a public holiday when Weekly Reset occurs, we are making changes to next week’s Forest of Thorns’ trials today, so players can enjoy these changes when the Epic Trial begins. We will be changing the Player team for Trials in Forest of Thorns to the following: Forest Troll Green Seer King Avelorn Earth…


I didnt think the old team was that bad but wow, this should be a pretty simple week. I’ll take any change though.


IDK what public holiday (or where) is being celebrated, but sure, we’ll take the change.

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Thanks in advance, you make a bad update (epic trials) into a good one, just by changing the teams in epic trials. Thanks for listening to the player base advice, for me, its well enough (even without a hero)


The continued effort to make this game mode playable is genuinely appreciated. Hope you all enjoy the holiday.


What were the old teams?


It’s the King’s Birthday long weekend. Everywhere except, ironically, Queensland.

And no, the 6th June wasn’t any Queen or King’s actual birthday. It’s just one of those weird holidays where we’re happy to get a day off.

For me, it’s all a bit meaningless without the fireworks we used to set off on this weekend, when I was a kid in Canberra. :person_shrugging:


Any news about an “epic trial pet shop” or something like that? I missed 1 starry pet offer because a “missclick”. Or I really need to wait 30+ weeks for the next Pan’s Vale week?


Yes. The gem offers after epic trials are already a “shop”.
You can always use an orb of minions to fully max out the pet before then.

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the bare minimum - and nothing to really celebrate out.

as a player you should expect it to be “playable” with release - because stuff was planned out and tested. and not only to be playable after countless topics of negative feedback pointing that out… the problem is,this still isn’t the case for many players in most kingdoms. yes, you could argue that the epic trials also shouldn’t be free wins, but during the past few weeks I can see many (yearlong!) players struggling during many weeks. doubtful if that’s the big goal when you always read about new stuff being described as “fun new game modes”…


After playing through this, throughout the week, and struggling for over 2 days on the final battle, i have to say thanks. For absolutely nothing.

The player team does NOT perform well against the enemy at higher levels, struggles with mana lock, has no means of directing damage to priority targets, is vulnerable to one shot skull KO’s, and cannot keep up in the damage department. Then of course we are meant to use “entagle” to prevent from being skull slaughtered, and yet only 2 of the players team characters has the ability, and 1 of those is by inflicting it via skull damage.

The enemy team is not mana locked in any way, Wood Rynax is resistant to skull damage, does splash damage AND creates Green gems with which to feed the team sniper, Owlbear, who also reduces the players team’s ONLY effective means of damaging the enemy team, attack power and skull damage. All three supporting characters, for the enemy, very nicely create green mana for the only character that needs it, Owlbear.

After playing more than 100 matches against this final level, and only beating the two preceding levels by what amounts to sheer luck, I’m done with this crap.

Take the starry pet and stuff it.

And again, thanks for nothing.

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I attempted Epic 1 the other day – key word, “attempt”. I think, at best, I knocked out just one opponent.

At higher cpu levels EVERY team strategy basically boils down to “don’t die while dealing damage” which means you basically CANNOT win without some kind of healer/support on team. Often, a strategy that works well at lower levels fails at higher levels because the intended mechanic doesn’t scale, or the sheer difference in stats is simply too great to begin with.

King Avelorn is a decent pick (damage to all + summon) and Earth Dreamer is technically a healer, but very limited in that capacity and you have literally no defense against either of the two enemy DPS troops – one of whom deals splash damage. I don’t know what the previous lineup was so I can’t make any comparisons, but I’ve seen all I care to already.

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No idea what is your problem here. Just hit the skulls yourself and buff the damage to the point you one shot every enemy. Can’t believe rino ruining it THAT hard for you


This baffles me. It was definetely made easier. You’re even given a summoner here. Especially among the choices for other Forest of Thorns troops. We already know no mythics.

So are we asking for it to be made so easy its impossible to lose? Are you using any strategy other than what is suggested, like holding spells until needed or ultilizing board control tactics?

Ive seen quite a few low levels (under 1k) clearing it with not many issues.

Edit: what would be the ideal team setup here? For both sides?


Maybe it depends on the individual player level, but at 1500 this was fairly easy. 1st try wins on any stage, no losses and quick wins. Basically no chance to not be successful. :thinking:

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Player level is mostly just a number. What’s your Kingdom stat bonus? Calculated team score?

All of those basically are just numbers. But I’ll go with it.

-Kingdom Levels: between 15 and 17 everywhere
-Power Levels: between 9 and 26, depending on mythics and pets owned
-Team Score with Hero: 19.000+
-Team Score without Hero: 18.000+
-Renown: 89.000+

Some classes and about 40 mythics left to do/own. Also about 100 weapons unowned and MANY pets. All Delves at least at 2100 renown, but a few PF500 still to do.

Anything else that you’d like to know? :wink:

Team setup:


Get mana to Earth Dreamer, buff Forest Troll, don’t let enemies get skulls - and hope Owlbear stops targeting your first troop. :sweat_smile:

I cast Avelorn a few times but the damage output isn’t really that great. Better to have him ready to cast in case you lose the first troop. So cast him a few times and then keep him full because Owlbear really hates Forest Troll.

Despite of Owlbear often targeting my first troop, I found this to be really easy.

You can even win this in autoplay. May need a few tries but many in my alliance did it that way.

I played them all myself. Lost the final one once due to bad luck.

I’m sure it’s doable, and I hope some will still find the time to finish.

Good luck!

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Wow, that’s nice!

Mine, for comparison
  • Hero level 1198
  • Kingdoms: Levels 10-15, Power 7-9 – (reflects a minimum bonus of +14 Attack, +10 Magic, +28 Armor, +28 Life)
  • Team scores: about 11k (12k with Hero)
  • Factions: about 39k total Renown (includes all Faction Hoards at Lv.100 / Quality 10; top Faction score 2250 aka. Lv.250 with Faction Team, Lv.500 without)
  • Classes average about Talent Lv.40 – 3 classes at Talent Lv.100 (Sentinel, Dragonguard, Slayer)

Sentinel is mainly used for the Shield of Urskaya + Paladin/Rowanne/Ethereal Sentry combo. Slayer is mainly used during GAP / Battlecrasher farming runs.

Easy trial now. I like it.