Bright Forest Epic Trials

We will get a suitable replacement for Pixie, right? I mean 3 of the 4 enemy troops (Summer Knight, Glitterclaw and Queen Titania) are immune to Faerie Fire and the fourth, Brownie has the Stealthy trait, thus making Pixie completely useless.


Fat chance.
Since i can’t see any of the teams, let me guess. Besides emphasizing the need to use faerie fire as their hint, the other team members we get to use alongside Pixie are: Fey Cap, Catterfly, and Spring Emissary?

Scatter damage them to death right? Sounds about par for the course in epic trials. Player teams that NO ONE in their right mind would use, much less consider as a team.

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The troops we use, besides Pixie :roll_eyes: are Shimmerscale (converts Brown Gems to Red), Twinkle Berry (converts Purple to Green) and Glitterclaw (converts Blue to Green). That’s right three single-target troops while the enemy team uses a Summer Knight(Gains armor and attack, plus can barrier herself) and Queen Titania ( a Legendary with an AoE attack). Dw I’m gonna let that sink in.

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Shocking that we get 3 targetable troops. But i do not trust it.

There is still little, or no, chance of pixie being replaced. She adds nothing of value to the team and mana blocks twinkleberry. Meaning you play gimped with only 3 useful characters. Shimmerscale doesn’t fit with the others either creating red mana that only he can use for the players while potentially feeding two of the enemies.

And of course summer knight has armor blocking 40% of skull damage so she will be in first position, converting the feeble 60 points of attack into a meager 36 points against the ~250-300 points of defense she starts with and grows larger.

No, there is no chance of pixie being replaced with something more valuable for the players team. This will be a massive grind regardless of what is changed, if anything. Don’t hold your breath hoping for a positive change. There’s better odds of winning the lottery.

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they did change Stormheim, Grosh’Nak, Forest of Thorns…

Its definitely a non-0% chance for a change, but who knows what they’ll do.


Again, either the bozos designing this crap don’t understand/play the game or they just like pissing off the playerbase. There is ZERO reason that we should have to point out these issues to them.


Florian spell: Mana Drain
Enemy team:
3x Mana Shield
1x Stealthy


Summer Knight
Queen Titania

I just used the first two troops (lev 1826)
Keep up barrier and ramp up armour/attack until skull opportunity arises.

It was not difficult for me - don’t know how lower levels might fare tho.
You just have to forget the two useless troops !


But having useless troops at all is abysmal design. They really seem hell bent on using this feature to show us how not to play.


According to studies and research, people generally learn better from mistakes. Making mistakes provides valuable feedback that helps individuals identify what went wrong and understand the consequences of their actions. Useless troops are not useless for the purpose of learning, which is the entire point of the trials.

The useless troop represents the square peg, while the enemy team’s immunity represents the round hole. By experiencing this mismatch, newcomers can learn a valuable lesson.

Quit the game before it’s too late?

Depressingly, the devs’ seeming inability to learn from any of their mistakes seems to strongly disprove your assertion.


People learn what not to do of their own accord by doing it wrong. No one needs to have their hand held to be told how to do stuff badly, though many of us might not have come up with teams quite as atrocious, even right at the beginning.


The purpose of the Trials is to teach game mechanics, not team building.

Ah - that’s why she wasn’t working! I thought my game was glitched and was going to make a report. Glad I saw this first. Seems only glitch are the game devs! (I barely look at enemy teams as I am so used to just steamroilling them with good forces).


Technically, remember that these traits only kick in at Tier 2-3 so for early players (i.e. at Tier 1) the tip actually isn’t useless (especially with Queen Titania on your side). THAT BEING SAID, the hint is misplaced because without Pixie you have ZERO spells on your side that can even cause Faerie Fire at all. Why didn’t they at least put Glitterclaw on your team?

I’ll agree with the allegation that these teams were mostly assembled “on paper” with little to no actual testing (especially at high levels).


And yet you are using a team the game picked, so I don’t see your point - and you cannot build an effective team irrespective of mechanics - it’s not like it’s even possible to separate the two in this game. However, if the point is to teach people mechanics by showcasing them in the most irritating way, why keep it up at epic level? Do we still need to learn by being spoonfed mistakes at that level?


The fact that we, the players, can analyze, rip apart, and showcase the flaws in the teams provided; as fast as the devs, SHOULD be able to do the same thing, and do not appear to be doing, demonstrates the minimal effort being put into assembling them.

Considering that the EPIC TRIALS were not meant to be “teaching” levels should be enough so that the devs are assembing quality teams, that we ourselves would assemble. Perhaps, stressing the hint that is provided for the teaching levels, but not poorly chosen, and what looks like randomly selected, characters that cannot be used.

I like that they have recognized, at least in appearance, the complete train wreck the original teams represent and are making changes, ad hoc, as we proceed through the kingdoms. However, when we see a character like Florian added, let’s assume it was in place of Pixie which was the previous fly in the ointment, whose ability can only affect 1 character on the opposing team, AFTER destroying the other 3, you have to ask “What was the point of making this change?” The only thing achieved was the exchange of 1 useless character for another one.

I’d list some things that seem apparent , to me at least, that every team we are handed should meet. For example (only), no characters on the team being mana locked regardless of the order they are arranged in. But, it feels as though trhere is little point in putting forth that effort as it would fall upon deaf ears or blind eyes.


My problem with epic trials has always been the fact that using a kingdom’s mechanic against troops from that kingdom is flawed.

Glacial Peaks - Use Freeze against troops that are immune to Freeze, in the ice Kingdom…

Broken Spire - Use Burn against troops immune to Burn or also ise Burn against you, in the fire kingdom

Merlantis - Use Submerge in the Water Kingom…

If this were Pokemon we would be meeting each Gym Leader with their chosen strong suit, who does that?


Merlantis is actually worse than that because its one Troop that Submerged might actually protect you from … is the same Troop that specifically DISPELS targets before dealing damage. This isn’t due to passive traits either, it’s printed right there in the spelltext.

Seriously, you can’t make stuff like this up.