Bright Forest Epic Trials

Yes. No one would do this unless they were intentionally trying to have a terrible time. I suggested right at the beginning, it would be more interesting to use a team from last week’s kingdom, for example - but I expect that would require too much work.

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Nope. They made a mistake, but team compositions became much more better comparing to pan’s vale.


A) I think you give the devs too much credit. They didn’t design the teams to be mistakes on purpose

B) Showing a game mechanic by not showing a game mechanic doesn’t make any sense whatsoever


See this Orc here understands. You all are here moaning how Florian is useless but once a noob tries to do mana drain/gem creation and fails horribly, they might go and check what went wrong, and hopefully LEARN from their mistake. I mean, wasn’t the whole point of these trials to teach different mechanics? It doesn’t always represent how something is done, it could also show when not to try to do something. In this case not to try to Mana Drain.

But yeah, there has been plenty of examples that devs simply don’t know their game, so putting Florian in the team against those specific enemies was of course a mistake. :grinning:


If you use GAP, the mana drain and the faerie fire work.