Grosh-Nak Trials Update

Hello Adventurers, :slight_smile:

We noticed that Grosh-Nak’s Trial enemy team is a little frustrating to play against, especially at higher levels due to amount of summoning the team has. We have released a server change to the enemy team to reduce the frustration while still giving a slight challenge.

With the Trial player team, we will be looking at alternative teams in further weeks. Grosh-Nak is a kingdom where the Troops don’t have spells that easily complement each other, this is something we will review as part of a future kingdom rework.


Grosh-Nak was a lot easier than Pan’s Vale or Khetar though. Will they be fixed the next time they come around?


Wait, so did the troop setups get changed? This is good thing that you are looking for these things, however please take a look at these prior to the weekly reset!!

Some of us are content creator kind of users, and as I completed the Epic Trials hour after reset, there is no chance for me to complete these with the new troop setups.

Saying again, do these changes BEFORE the weekly reset. You might want to take a look at next week’s Urskaya trials. I can ensure there will be a lot more moaning about that than Grosh-Nak setup.

All this said, thank you for looking at these though. Merlantis one especially needs attention.


Thank you very much. Kudos to those who’ve already finished the trials before the change. I’m at level 1,379 as of now. I know how to play this game (it isn’t difficult) but the point of these trials is for learning purposes, right? (So they say) I don’t think anyone’s learning anything from these trials except how to delete Gems of War faster to make room for something more fun.

I like this game a lot, so I’m patient when things go south, but what annoys me is knowing that I can spend 20+ hours on this game (most days if I wanted to) and still wouldn’t have half of what’s needed to level up my kingdoms. I still will lack a lot of resources for kingdom bonuses. I will still be far away from having pets needed for leveling up. Is this a good thing? No, it’s not. I should be a lot closer to being done with leveling my kingdoms. I’m not asking to have everything in a snap. I put in work in this game so I don’t want to be blocked because of something that’s not obtainable for ridiculous reasons.

Yesterday folks had problems with Khetar, and some didn’t. Today some folks had problems with Grosh-Nak and some didn’t. The back-and-forth opinions of these Epic Trials are meaningless. The point is this isn’t Dungeons and Dragons, where the grand wizard is the only one with the key to unlock the kingdoms. Make these trials fair for everyone because tomorrow the next kingdom will be the same if there’s no change. This game has enough things in it that are time-consuming. It has enough things in it that make it feel like you’re climbing Mount Everest only to freeze to death before making it to the top. We don’t need any more features that are not helping. That’s right, Epic Trials aren’t helping if it makes no sense. It’s not a challenge.

PVP and Guild Wars are a challenge. Doesn’t matter if they can be annoying, but they teach how to play the game more than Epic Trails. What to do and what not to do. How to put teams together in order to beat your opponent. The time a player puts into the game to gather resources in order to get better at playing PVP and Guild Wars feels worth it. Epic Trials do not. I’m glad about the changes.


Eh, I finished this week trials within 30 mins with just a bunch of restarts.

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Well nice. I guess. I completed the epic trials Monday - compared to Khetar, then this 1 was much easiere :sweat_smile:

Drake Rider
Fist of Zorn

Could you please adjust the teams BEFORE they are released? Pretty please.
I feel like I waisted my time completing them yesterday, but I am happy for you that havn’t and hopefully will find them easiere now.


That’s rather unexpected, to be honest. I already completed them on Monday and didn’t think they needed much adjustment, or any at all. Took me like 3-5 minutes per battle. Still thanks for looking at these trials and adjusting them in the players favour. Much appreciated!


Am I the only one thinking it is odd that we get such a change mid-week when a few weeks back taking such actions wasn’t possible under any circumstances? I wonder, what’s / where’s the catch now? Rather quick dev action that could benefit the players seems very odd to me in this game, judging from last few years of “controversial” dev-NON-actions…

Maybe also review the sometimes (completely worthless) banner selection, you devs most likely can’t do much damage here to make things worse. :wink:


Really? This trial was so easy! Fix the next week’s one instead!

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This issue is more common than not. Which is why the way Epic Trials were designed is a horrible idea.

Now we’re all in the beta for it clearly.


To reply both of you in one go; EH… EH… EHHH… Sorry to tell you guys, but this game is not only about players like you who thinks you are hardcore players and have that great skill…

Thank you @Bramble and Dev team for listening to your players, it means a lot! :blue_heart:


It should still all be challenging and not free-wins, it isn’t called “mediocre trial” or “below-average trial” or "I-just-started-playing-a-week-ago trial.
The selection of bad troops and most likely a useless banner is just awful. Further team “limitations and restrictions” in general is trash. Just let players choose with what they want to play. There’s also no explanation for restricting an limiting the teams to be played without hero/weapon. At least the respective kingdoms weapons should be playable. In my opinion in combination with all of the kingdoms troops the player has accumulated, without the limitation of “just 1” - if someone feels like it and more copies of that troop are available to the player.


Pan’s vale was easy, but extremly slow and boring

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Why dont you just hand everyone the starry pets? If 5 people can complain on here and get it changed why not? There are at least 3 youtubers who got the original beat easily with video proof. Change the name from epic trials to easy trials plz n thx. Wait let me go get 5 more people to agree with me to represent the whole community

particularly impressive or remarkable.

“the gig last night was epic”

a person, thing, or situation that tests a person’s endurance or forbearance.

“this winter has been a trial for me, physically and emotionally”

Where does that say “easy and for everyone! Just complain like a weener and get it changed to something simple!”

I’d be surprised if allowing “average” players to reasonably beat epic trials wasn’t one of their design goals. It’s kind of difficult to sell starry pets for 5@200 gems when next to nobody ever gets to the offer. The old team was pretty unfair in that regard, with high stats it was trivial to just steamroll the opponent team, with somewhat lower stats you just couldn’t push past all the summoned troops to ever kill the summoners. Compare that to Pan’s Vale, which was a horrible slog, but at least a horrible slog that also worked without having most kingdoms maxed out.

The new team feels too much on the easy side. Still better than leaving the old team in place.


The design of the Epic Trials is horrible. I don’t care if I can beat them or not; they are horrible. I see past myself. Sure, they should be for players at a higher level.

Here’s the problem with that. These trials come out of the blue in order to complete. Most players have a hard time leveling up or getting troops in order to compete. Their kingdoms’ stats are low, only leaving them with more useless grinding options.

People left the game already because of the ridiculous game choices that are thrown at them. So if Epic Trials, with its horrible design, are for the selective few (YouTubers with everything) players with stats as “Tall as the sky, oh my”, then they should leave it and not remove it. Why? So other players can catch up! And not wait a month or year or whenever just to get them done.

It’s ridiculous to think that I have to wait to level up. Wait for what? It’s enough that I “pay” and support the game just so I can catch up but this is ridiculous.


They hotfixed verse gnomes out of paloozas. It was always a lie


Some, if not most, of these kingdoms’ troops do not have a middle ground for teams. Another poor choice. This will be the case, but Epic Trials are here to stay, right?

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What is the new enemy team?

I am already done so can’t look at them anymore. Would be nice to know.

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