Grosh-Nak Trials Update

YouTube content creators are usually on the higher end of players, not necessarily in stats (though some at least are) but definitely in skill.

The trials shouldn’t only cater to high end, highly skilled players.

That would be both bad for the players as well as for the devs. They want to sell their starry copies after all.

Of course a new player can’t expect to be able to beat them, but late midgame to endgame players should be.


Geez, a lot easier now. I still had the 2 last epic trials to do, they only took a couple of minutes. Not very epic any more.
Only Khetar was very difficult so far.

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We are SO proud of you and your fellow youtubers. Bravo, well done. slow clap For a large swath of the rest of us, these trials are poorly designed and a complete slog. Making them “easier” just tampts down the tedium a bit. Plenty of folks on this forum have voiced their dislike and many more in game as well. It’s far more than “five people” dissatisfied with trials currently.


Has anyone tried both? (already done so I can’t) The summons are annoying, but the fact they don’t do damage gives you more leeway to pass turns and wait on alignment. Having more enemies that cast for damage doesn’t necessarily seem easier.

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Yea, this is a lot doable compared to before the change.

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Only before the change. It was the easiest and fastest epic trials so far. Just run and gun. Especially the last battle. But I probably was lucky compared to most with yellow and green gems aligning with skulls A LOT, allowing me to kill up to 3 troops in 1 turn.

Thanks for listing it.

I’m not a fan of making the enemy team weaker just to make a bad player team work better. Making an enemy team weaker doesn’t help anyone learn anything. But it is what it is. This enemy team should be approachable for mid-level stat players at least.


I’m not a Switch player, but your team needs to look at the Switch side of challenges asap.

Next 5 weeks:


  1. Urskaya: underpowered/stat check.
  2. Forest of Thorns: playable
  3. Bright Forest: player team is poorly designed (pixie) and the kingdom trial gimmick doesn’t work against the enemy team (faerie fire). Any suggested player upgrade will likely backfire by helping their Glitterclaw and Queen Titania. Bit of a mess…
  4. Whitehelm: poor looking team but playable
  5. Pridelands: seems… good? good enough?


  1. Drifting Sands: I’ll let the Youtubers play this one. I want nothing to do with this player team.
  2. Forest of Thorns: playable
  3. Broken Spire: I’ll let the Youtubers play the higher Epic Trials. Player team is weak, Trial gimmick doesn’t work (burn) against the enemy team, and the enemy team benefits way more from the player team making red gems/burning gems. Enemy Terraxis into Sheggra is pretty brutal.
  4. Pridelands: seems… good? good enough?
  5. Urskaya: underpowered/stat check.

P.S. Campaign Artifacts show you the backgrounds of the Kingdom for that upcoming week. None of this is a spoiler.


Sure, as I mentioned before, some if not most of these kingdoms do not have a middle ground. The selection of troops you’ll face will either be too hard or too easy. The delves are enough to see how this thing works. It’s not a good idea for us to go through another thing like this. No hero, no team to put together of our own. The devs will keep dancing around this.


Thank you for checking some of the trial teams, but you asked us for feedback on what we wanted for the trial teams before. I can’t find the thread, or I’d post there. Please READ this - we want to use our hero, kingdom class, and choose and use kingdom weapons. We have worked hard to build them up. Don’t take them away. You can pick the other three troops, even, but look at what you are choosing. We want the basics - mana generation, damage per turn, synergy would be great, maybe a tank. At the very least, don’t continue to choose troops solely on your theme. Telling us the mechanics is great, but we will absorb your tutelage better with viable options. Can’t provide them? Choose a different mechanic.