Trial Team Revisions

So as many players would know by now…Trials is a hot mess of an update. Just bad.

Now before anyone say, “Just let us use troops from that kingdom only to make our own teams” and etc. I will be the first to say this, those changes that are being asked including this one will likely not happened. As they seem to think that we should be moving on after every update. So unfortunately, we’re basically stuck with it, but I’m willing to try to make them at least change the current teams.

So I will be posting these revisions to “hopefully” make some if not all Trials not a chore.

I will be working my way up to revise the upcoming kingdoms first and others later on.

Another small change I would still like to ask the devs would be to lower the levels of Epic Trials as these are suppose to be weekly activities from 225/250/275/350 to 220/240/260/280/300.

As far making the teams, I try following what they are trying theme after. However some themes they tried to implement for certain kingdoms just does not make sense or makes trying to build the team around that theme just unplayable. Again, the update is bad.

As of going forward in hopefully making them change teams, I will be foregoing their so called themes as they are terrible to build around.

Pan’s Vale

Player Team


Player Team
Fine as it is Upcoming Kingdom Rework for Adana might change this.


Player Team


Player Team

Could be fine as is OR


Player Team
ursk_ OR ursk2_

Forest of Thorns

Player Team
Manageable as it is, but could be better.

Bright Forest

Player Team


Player Team

Could be fine as it is OR


Player Team

Fine as it is. Could be better.


Player Team



Player Team

Fine as is. Could be better.

Leonis Empire

Player Team

Fine as it is.

Maugrim Woods

Player Team



Player Team



Player Team


Player Team
Fine as is. Could be better.

Mist of Scales

Player Team


Player Team

Blighted Lands

Player Team
Fine as is.


Player Team
Fine as is.

To be continued

Sword’s Edge
Broken Spire
Glacial Peaks
Dragon’s Claw
Drifting Sands
Divinion Fields
Wild Plains
Sin of Maraj

I respect the effort, but…

that Pan’s Vale team also looks horrible. That team doesn’t have any real way to win a match against Epic Trial 4/5. To be quite honest, given no faction troops, no Mythics, and no duplicate troops, any Pan’s Vale only team without Faunessa or Nax is just bad. This is where changing it from “Decreasing Enemy Skill Points to weaken them in battle” to something more broader/generic like “Modifying Skill Points can swing the tide of battle” would go a long way in team building and not backing themselves into a corner.

That Adana team you have replaced a fully functional good troop in Clockwork Sphinx and replaced it with a useless SOLAR. The dev team is actually better in this situation… Won’t matter in the long run since P4-NTH4 will win those Epic fights easily.

That Stormheim team you have might be worse than what we currently have. The biggest flaw is that this theme is absolutely terrible in this kingdom, but leaving Zephyros in is a bad decision. Removing Storm Knight took the only troop with skull reduction and replaced it with Snowy Owl… The team you’re proposing doesn’t even use purple so why would destroying all purple gems even matter? If its to create 7 gems of a color… good lord.

Yes Jarl is Jarl, and Jarl is better than Flame Maiden, but Jarl isn’t the greatest looper and wouldn’t do well in the Epic Trial scene. It would get you killed against their Fire Giant and Jarl Firemantle without additional support.

The more I think about it, the more I’m baffled how they failed Stormheim. The all Giants Stormheim team used to be a big thing and instead we have some janky junk instead. The opponent’s team is more functional than ours is.

If they didn’t want to do an all Giants team, they could have done a Blue Gems are fun theme with Vidarr the Vast, Valkyrie, Skrymir the Lofty, and Hyndla Frostcrown.


I appreciate your feedback. Again, I was just trying to follow their so called “themes”. Most of which are terrible and should just outright be not concerned about. At the moment, this is only pertaining to player teams. I will be also trying to revise the enemy team as those are also offenders of why Epic Trials are in a terrible state. Especially when the enemy team just wants to have a troop that gives everyone 80 or so HP.

Player teams should work no matter what the enemy team is and not win because the enemy team is inept… Otherwise, may as well adjust the enemy team to be 4 common troops…

While that is also true, remember that you are playing a handicap with a fixed team that they explicitly exclude mythics and faction troops. I am not going to revise the enemy into a completely non-functional team, I am trying to reduce a frustration caused by extreme prolonging of a fight or a lack of counterplay when the enemy has extremely higher stats than you and when even strategies does not help.

And if you haven’t seen Whitehelm Trials, it is nothing but 3 Archon Statue and a Moloch so they already have that going.

And let’s not especially mention Khetar Epic Trials which is just pure roll of the dice to not get killed by skulls.

I already said that. I don’t need to be reminded…

As for the Whitehelm trials, as poorly made both the AI and player teams are, it should be on the easier side of things. Holy St. Astra self-enchants are solid and it is very easy to redirect damage using Priestess of Light… either to change whoever is the strongest enemy or just having barrier.

As said earlier, I appreciate the feedback and will be looking to re-revise some of the teams if they are just that bad. Which I will admit sticking to the current themes is a recipe for disaster.

Pan’s Vale I would argue is not as bad as it looks. I picked Satyr Musician that steals the front 2 targets magic by 2 and silences. Admittedly, it won’t do much with Silence on Faunessa, it still drains their magic so that it will “slowly” get rid of their ability to give HP by a lot while also silencing and stealing magic from Sylvasi to prevent them from casting their spell if ever and not as effective. The other troop, Lapina Explorer, was something to both deal damage, shuffle, and return back some mana. Maybe replacing them with Nyx is the better choice.

As for the other team revisions I attempted, as said, tried to stick with their so called themes, not exactly the greatest idea, so will be looking to re-revise them soon enough. Thank you once again for your thoughts and opinions.

When the enemy AI team has 400 armor and 400 life, doing 50-60 damage to 2 targets and stealing 2 magic from each per cast isn’t the answer. Especially if one of them is Faunessa with unblocked mana.


I’m sure that is going to apply to most Epic Trials anyway. The enemy will have much higher HP and Armor by the last 2-3 Epic Trials regardless. Not to mention again, they purposely put a troop that boosts HP or Armor or Barrier for most enemy teams.

They should not lock teams AT ALL. Restrict to kingdom. Monetize on the fact that if people don’t buy extra copies of the pet, it will take years to get them to Mythic.


At a glance, it’s not enough to simply suggest a better player team, in some cases you also need to suggest a new cpu team to fight against.

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As much as we want something like that, it seems that they will not be doing much of anything to change anything about Trials and Epic Trials for the foreseeable future. But maybe there is some hope to have.

Don’t worry. I will be attempting to change the enemy teams as well. But at the very least try to make them change the player team to actually be more usable if they weren’t already barely usable.

Indeed. Every team strategy eventually distills down to “survive long enough to do X” and as cpu level scales up, the ability to buff/heal your team becomes increasingly ESSENTIAL.

Take Khetar, for example – which would be far MORE viable if that Alastair was on YOUR team instead of the cpu’s. He’s got the same double-skull-damage that Carrion Crow has, and never underestimate Barrier.