(Trial) How am I supossed to win this?

There is no possible way to win this trial based on skill at all, you just have to be infinite lucky to get it done (if even…), and that is only a level 225 one.

Does anyone check their ideas for a new “featured mode” or even test it?
I hear people complaining about forum toxicity, but it seems the dev’s are creating that toxicity them self’s , by not listening to the community.

For quite some time I’m frustrated with the way the game is going, started with:

  • new game currencies over and over.
  • ridiculous trophy to get 100 gold elite troops. ( just to entice some youtuber)
  • explorer mode with a ridiculous 3x token, 3x badges, to get 1 medal, to upgrade 1 level (this is not viable with a game with 1000+ cards and growing, the resources are grind based
  • then Lord of the Hoard trophy (random inside a random inside a random inside a grind to get a worthless card).
  • the dragon egg thing is another bad implemented idea.

Playing the game for around 6 years or more (since the very old GUI). I spend money every Campaign until Nov or Dec 2022. After that i stop supporting, since they changed the focus of every single update to $$$ grab. I am seriously thinking stop playing the game.

I don’t mind the $$$ focus from time to time (u guys have to get money for your work) but you have to listen to the community and stop releasing stuff that NO ONE likes with gameplay equal or worse then the modes people already don’t play or don’t like. Forcing people to play certain GRIND ONLY modes like explore to get trophy or resources.

a real shame. ::


There’s actually a way to win this, but it’s tedious, annoying, and takes a long time.

Put Warden on top. Once she’s filled, never cast her.
Then Sileni, Caprinicus, Satyr.
Use 3x Orpheus medals because I’d the stupid death mark gems.

Focus on first killing Elwyn by hitting him with Caprinicus.

Keep your barrier up. Steal attack from the first troop.

Once you’ve cast Sileni, fill him up again so you can always cast him to get the barrier up again if needed.

If Satyr happens to be full, cast him to chip away on silent one’s armor.

Once you’ve killed Elwyn, go and kill Faunessa. Then silent one. Sylvasi last. If silent one summons, kill that troop first.

It’s a test of patience mostly.

If you can, try and keep Faunessa from getting mana. But that doesn’t always work.

Yes, this trial really sucks. You can win it but I had battles last 45 minutes or so. :roll_eyes:

Agree on the other points (though I don’t care about the achievement for medaling all those troops).


thanks for the tip’s.
but 45 min? that’s my point.
“we” got better things to do.
anything over 10 min in a match-3 type of game is wasted time spend on a single match. (and I’m pretty much generous with the 10 minutes except some delves that has “some” good battles).
Talking about delves, another awful design is the Pure Faction Ones. practically the same issue of the new trials forced team (at least in delves you have “some” troop option) but no weapon either.
whats the point of having to level Hero class and weapon if you can’t use it as a troop?


Yeah. I was stubborn. :joy:

Final fight took me “only” 23 minutes.

PF runs are also annoying.

Did I mention I can be stubborn? Took me 2h to finish the stonesong bossroom fight.

We didn’t need trials, we already had delves to annoy us.


hope tomorrow broken trial would be less annoying, or at least plausible to finish in reasonable manner.
but I’m not keeping my hopes up.


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Whats the point of having over 1200 troops and 500 weapons if you don’t use them all? All games have seperate game modes with other mechanics.

I agree, we already had pure factions in delves, trials the way they are were completely unnecessary.


Tomorow’s trial will be one of the easiest ones. The week after may/may not be horrid.

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Changed Challenge, and removed re-roll, but in the first week the tasks are effortless done. (SWEET AVERYONE LIKES IT) then 2nd and 3rd week starts:

  • first week, only normal tasks.
  • second week Let’s force 25 PVP pm them (What? Why not putt the PVP crap only in Guild wars week, so you can kill 2 birds with same stone)
  • third week another 25 PVP crap ( many people don’t like this feature, why not force them to play or pay 500 gems, sounds ok right? right?).

when I think it can’t get worse, they surprise me yet again.

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This was actually a very easy Trial to complete if you use the correct strategy. Yes it takes a little longer then other battles but it’s an easy win in the end.

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