Pan's Vale Trial is a Troll

Still cannot be used where as yeah sure I know what you’re saying but saying it’s easy because of how we can just wait it out and hit hit hit with one troop would not call it easy i’d say it’s more borderlined medium to hard as we all have our techniques yes but calling it easy but time consuming wouldn’t relatively be called easy in such a way of gem’s kind? I mean i’ve had my fair share of saying easy but time consuming in other way’s but in this case when we can get battered and they just heal and steal with somewhat of a synergy they have mostly falls down to them having constant mana generation and silencing our troops.

I don’t blame you on that one but relatively after doing the first two Epic Trials with my method of making sure the enemy Sylvasi doesn’t steal my Burrow Wardens attack (Which he does 95% of the time) I would then make sure to keep myself barriered as much as possible and just rely on RNG with skulls. Either way still not “Easy”.

I do pay at least $50 to see any of the Devs doing this trail. I bet they would scream out of anger.


is this why we play video games?


And this, I suspect, is the ‘working as intended’ part as they’ll eventually revamp the kingdom progress ‘daily deals’ to include such orbs (or are they already a thing? I don’t do much Arena).

Well I also suffered through years of Runescape, leveling many skills to 99, so I don’t know. :rofl:

My excuse for completing this is that I enjoyed watching the movie that I had up on the side.

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You can end up losing even if you’ve got down to the last troop due to the death mark gems, and the fact The Silent One often summons an Ancient Horror, and that after spending up to hours in a battle. If Death Mark hits Capernicus, you are done.

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I agree. If they insist on keeping them, whoever is insisting this should be forced to live stream doing them every week, and with an account that can have done the previous challenges but is nowhere near maxed in all stats from kingdoms/delves etc. They should also be forced to elaborate in detail how they are in any way “fun” and what they “teach” us. :rofl:


You, my friend, are a genius. I can’t believe that worked! Saved me hours of struggles that I LITERALLY didn’t have time for this week (or any week for that matter). That only means they’ll break it too…

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In all seriousness and with all due respect, what’s the point of complaining and asking for a change (if possible) to the trials mode, if you people keep boasting possible ways to beat the mode? What about the rest of other players? Where is teamwork in this situation? Or is it just “sand work”, “[community] work”? Because of you people, every other player suffers and in the mean time, the devs. just sit back, relax, keep giving craps to their customers while keep enjoying the profit and laughing non-stop at their sheep.

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Remind me the last time dev officially admit the imbalance of anything. Not gonna happen, regardless if you finish the trial or not, crying or writing guides ‘how to beat’.


They won’t change that, because that’s about the only way I can think of that they benefit from these trials - i.e. people wasting GaP’s which they then won’t have to use in the vault event. But who has a GaP for every week, though?

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You have to spend money to buy gems, then spend gems to buy verses.

i’ve got 4 left… I’ll save them for the hard ones… next week might be finally be doable but we shall see.

And lose their job if they cant Finnish in a week.

I don’t understand the point of the trial.
It provides no fun, offers no interesting gameplay situations, only causes a wave of rejection and hatred for the game.
And it doesn’t even have monetization of player suffering, which is bad, but at least understandable.

It feels like the developers just decided to get rid of some players to save on servers.


I do, but that point is already demonstrated by the first few Tier levels – depending on your global stat bonuses (Kingdoms and Renown) you should be able to easily handle Trials up to about 5-8. It’s really only Tier 8 and upwards that are a problem, because that’s where the high cpu level starts accelerating out of control.



I just did it in 15 mins too !!

Bloomin’ marvellous !

Thank you for sharing your ingenious idea

I am a happy camper (for a change)


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That’s a good and fair analysis, but you kinda missed the part where stealing enemy Magic means being able to slowly suppress Faunessa’s ability to continue healing the team (also Sylvasi and Elwyn’s Magic), the primary thing making this battle such a slog to begin with. Caprinicus meanwhile doesn’t steal enemy Magic, when you already have Sileni Guard for stealing enemy Attack.

I’ve occasionally mentioned one Kingdom Quest battle I had early on, that ended in a 1v1 stalemate of my Clockwork Sphinx vs. enemy The Silvermaiden. What I didn’t mention is Amira had already debuffed Silvermaiden’s Magic by like 4 points and if she was able to get off one or two more casts before going down I might’ve actually been able to break the stalemate.

You must be thinking of “Orc Armor”, THAT’s absolutely useless. Besides, with battles expected to involve literal hours every source of DOT can only help.

Let me ask you something simple. Have you finished Epic Trial 5 for Pan’s Vale yet?

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Bah, ain’t nobody got time for that!

But seriously, I haven’t even bothered attempting Tier VII yet. Also, Switch is currently Mist of Scales (last week Hellcrag, next week Hellcrag to finish up our current campaign).