Pan's Vale Trial is a Troll

You might want to save your comments and suggestions for Pan’s Vale until you get to try the Epic Trials version. There’s a big difference in scaling between Tier 6 and these Epic Trials.

On average, players will get to around maybe 160-200ish damage output with Caprinicus by the last Epic Trial. At 4 magic stolen per Capri cast, you’re looking at 25-40 casts as a rough estimate at 12 mana per cast. (300-480 mana).

This isn’t just Faunessa, but the entire team.

Shaving off around 10-15 magic isn’t going to make a difference to Faunessa’s output, won’t matter for Sylvasi, and isn’t a big deal for Elwyn unless the player lets him be a threat. The match will take longer with Silenus though due to lower damage output from King Silenus and having Silenus cost more mana per cast (which also gives the AI more time to gain mana and cast)


I’m pretty certain I exceeded 200 damage with Caprinicus on my Epic 5 run, but that also included Ancient Horror. ~17 minutes.

The strategy and amount of time Epic 2-5 takes are about equivalent, because Faunessa will buff all enemies to 1000 health every time. It’s unavoidable. So, King Silenus stealing a small amount of magic and burning wouldn’t even be noticed. It would then take longer to win due to slower damage growth and more mana required to cast. It’s also splash damage instead of direct damage, so that’s even worse.

On Epic 1, you can kill Sylvasi before your top troop’s attack is stolen and then skull everything.


It’s not about completing - I’ve made epic1.
You know, game changes are made for a reason.
Adding new content, events, seasons, quality of life improvements are all done to retain old players or attract new ones (sometimes for better monetization).
But I don’t see anything like that, new challenges are more likely to motivate players to quit the game.

But who has a GaP for every week, though?

I have 32 GaPs saved up and will use one for every kingdom’s epic trials [I already had all base challenges done for all kingdoms before the trials change]. I hate that I have to do it, though. The completionist in me doesn’t want to leave the epic trials undone, crappy rewards or not.

Again, excellent analyses everyone – personally I still think you’re selling King Silenus short here but given we can’t ACTUALLY test it for real, nobody can prove which one is better. But for some specific replies:

No it’s not. It still scales 1:1 with Magic stat (specifically, 4+Magic same as Caprinicus) and with two targets to splash to, King Silenus deals double the total damage as Caprinicus for the same Magic stat. Yes, the stat growth over time is 25% slower, but again, you’ve got the added burn DOT and stealing enemy Magic to alleviate that. The current team has three troops dedicated to stealing enemy Attack (and shifting it to one each of Armor, Life, or Magic) which is absolutely a distinct theme, but it does nothing against Faunessa and/or Elwyn’s casting.

But King Silenus is also a Yellow Mana user on a team with a +1 Yellow banner, which actually alleviates the higher Mana cost (14 vs 12) as long as you’re matching Yellow Gems. Plus, now that you’re incentivized to match Yellow, this means less mana for Faunessa/Elwyn to use against you.

So that’s … what, maybe 40 casts? What would you say is the approximate ratio between how often you vs. Faunessa get to cast?

Enough that it takes many casts to even start overpowering Faunessa healing herself.

You would likely take hours to kill Faunessa with King Silenus since you’d have to drain her magic significantly to even start overpowering her with splash damage.

But, it’s also not worth arguing hypotheticals about a troop that isn’t involved with the Trial, and won’t be.

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it’s also mana blocked on Red, which isn’t something you don’t want to fight Sileni Guard for. You either slow down putting up barriers which is detrimental vs Elwyn or slow down King Silenus.