Our GM rage booted everyone. What can we do?


Our GM was mad at being asked why she was treating an adult like a child. She booted everyone in 2 full guilds. Innocent people that have spent lots of time, energy, money, and care into building up guilds got booted. Can we have her booted and get our guilds back?
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Apollo and Artemis and also Ares and Athena are our guilds.


Was kicked out for nothing…would like our guild back!!!


Not much you can do If the owner of the guild kicked you. It is a crappy thing to do but as guild owner can kick just to kick.


It’s true. We have all spent countless hours earning trophies and leveling our Guild Statues, only to end up being kicked out. And it’s not like it was just a few people that were kicked out for no reason. It was EVERYONE being kicked out.


I was in guild where our GM had bit a fit, handed off GM to someone else, pretended to clam down. When they got GM back they just disbanded the guild. Was pretty high rank guild too.

In the end was nothing anyone could do. It’s their guild they can do what they want. Only thing came out of it was person is blacklisted from some guilds currently (not naming names here)


Pm the gm name and I’ll make sure our guilds blacklist them in case they decide to just wrap the guild up.


It really sucks there is nothing that the devs can do for people in our situation. There should be something considering the time and for some, monies, they put into helping a guild.
It is like I just got on and come to find I am not in the guild. Admin isn’t bothering to reply to us to tell us why we were kicked when we had nothing to do with whatever convo went down earlier in the AM.


Seriously…what now??


One of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen in a game. Argue with one member so just disband 2 guilds with no warning? Childish as “naughty swear”.


you could um…try getting into a better guild now?xD only way i know the devs giving a guild away is when the leader is inactive for more than a month i think it is other than that its his/her guild no matter how jerky they are.


I am always careful kicking ppl bc I never know how strict the devs are with the requirements we make for our guilds. I never want to be banned from the game bc I kicked a player the wrong way but as it appears now there aren’t any rules to how a guild leader can kick.

Good luck.


Wow, dick move on the guild leaders part. If you somehow got the guild back, i would make sure that person was not a part of it… I am not sure there is much they can do for you though :frowning:


Heads up, from a subject matter expert, the devs are gonna see this as a call out and instead of getting help. This thread will be locked and ban warnings will be issued. It sucks. But the devs have made it clear. They will not mess with guild politics. Best to edit all posts to remove any exact player names nor guild names.

(Any idea or thoughts in this post are that of my own. They do not reflect the words said by any dev to me. In neither a public nor private conversation.)


What names?


I read it too fast the first time and thought “names were named”. I think you’re good now though. It’ll still be locked but no bans should be warned.


If they tell me to booger off then at least I did something.


If our former GM booted everyone from a guild and left it empty can a developer give me access?


What the hell happened?


Y’all looking for new guild


I got about 4 spots open now in Raider Nation on PS4 we are rank 59 and in GW bracket 4 .

If you are interested let me know.