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PS4 pls fix Guildleader change bug!

All the Top Guilds (oldest Guilds) on Ps4 have almost inactive Leaders because there is no Option for the Guildleader to demote himself .

This sucks so much -.- pls fix this Bug . ( Guildleader has the same view no Options )

I wrote 3 Support Tickets and they always answer ‘’ you must demote the Guildleader to change the Leader this should work’’ -.- Haha funny … We tried everything its just bugged and not possible to demote the Guildleader. ( Yes we tried with a free Rank 2 Spot)


Nasty bug. Hopefully @505GamesSupport will look into it quickly.

Yeah only Leader can kick thats so disgusting

Only leader kicking is lame as all hell. In my Guild I basically took responsibility for promoting/demoting and have to send a list of people to kick to the leader every week.

If he ever became inactive…

same here but Rank 2 cant demote (perhaps its a bug too ?) Man they should just fix this or add some Option for the Leader ,Promote to Guildleader, for every Player

or give Rank 2 a kick Option for Rank 3,4 and 5 something like this

Better idea is if the leader account is inactive for over X days, auto demote them and promote the next highest person with longest seniority.

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if he is inactive you can do nothing Support only write ‘’ he has to be offline for 30 Days then we change’’ -.- but what if he do 1 Battle in 7 Days you never have a Chance to replace him -.-

We have this Problem . I mean our Leader is a nice Guy but he is 95% inactive and sometimes it takes 10 Days until he kick Players . ( i always write kick xxx and xxx)

At the Moment he destroy the Guilds Progress -.- not funny if you are 1th Rank

I was in a guild that had an inactive leader (60+ days). I wrote to the admins about it and they promoted me to guild leader.

i tried too but they say 30 Days he always logs in for 1-2 Minutes after 5-10 Days -.- so he never reach the 30 Days without Log in.

As i said we are 1th Rank and many good Players couldnt join because of him -.-he was inactive and no Chance to kick inactive Players . This is so frustrating

The Support is just bad i wrote 3 Tickets and tried to explain the Problem but i always got a Guide how to change Guilderleader like this

  1. demote Guildleader
  2. promote Rank 2 to Rank 1

its impossible to demote the Guildleader so just useless . I feel being fooled

If he’s logging in every week then he’s not exactly inactive. Sounds like he’s just getting his weekly rewards.

That said, it would be nice to have a mutiny option requiring like 2/3 of the guild to agree.

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he had higher Level then me when i joined now look Screenshot :confused:

While we can’t fix bugs ourselves, we are in direct communication with Pipeworks about this very issue. I would say that inactive guild leaders are one of our top ticket items, so we would love to have a more automated, and fun way to handle guild leadership. It’s not something that can quickly be changed, however, because it would be a major feature to add to the current system. It is certainly something we continue to discuss, though, so we hope to improve it in a future version. For now, please keep contacting us through our support portal if you have concerns about an inactive leader. :slight_smile: Thanks!

-.- Really i lose my Motivation for this Game how can they give 1 Person so much Controll? Man he is not inactive but at the Moment its just frustrating 29 Players wait many Days for 1 Player

That’s a question for the original developers.

The simple answer is it’s a bad oversight on their part, and I hope they learn their lesson for future games.

on Pc it works but Consoles draw the short straw. Just give highest Rank 2 a kick Option to remove inactive Players for recruiting and iam Happy

Is joining another Guild (presumably more active) not an option? I mean, it might be nice to be “#1”, but if some of the people are inactive (since you mention you have a list of people to kick), joining the #10 guild with 30 actives might be better that the #1 guild with 20 actives. As far as I know, guild rank is just for bragging rights, you don’t any tangible bonuses for guild rank, do you?

It is no option 1th Rank 12500 Trophy difference and i have 6000 Trophys 4,5 Mio donate -.- yes bonus is best recruiting because many Players want to be 1th Rank. We have very strong Guild 95% active . The only Problem is the Guildleaders Activity

If the GM promote a Rank 2, he should demote himself.

read the Posts he CANT demote himself thats the Problem and GMs dont demote him /promote a Rank 2 because he is not full inactive . GM said if he would write a Ticket he change the Leader but he dont write a Ticket i tried many times -.-

The only chance I can think of are dependent on the GM’s cooperation.

If he’s willing to demote himself, but cannot do it because of bugs. He could leave the guild and be invited back in. Before he does that, I would demote everyone at rank 2 down except the person who will be the new GM. Then the game should make the highest rank player the new GM. The new GM can restore everyone’s ranks.

If the GM is uncooperative, and being obstructionist by logging in just enough so that support won’t kick him, then you don’t have any good options.