Ps4 change Guildleader?

Hello is it possible to change the Guildleader ?

It is possible. The Guildleader can demote himself and then a second-in-command player can be promoted to Guildleader.

If your Guildleader has been inactive, you can contact 505 Games Support team and they should be able to help you switch the Guildleader over. Just makes sure it’s been some time (2-3 weeks) since the Guildleader last logged on before contacting support, just in case they’ve been on holidays or taken a break.

He say he cant demote himself. He cant choose himself with Square ( sry if bad English iam German )

I don’t know much about the console version, but it could be because the next rank is already full.
If it is, he has to demote a player in rank 2 first before he can demote himself.

we already tested that …dont work . This is really strange man :confused: i already wrote a Ticket