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How to make someone else guild leader when you are leader xbox One

Sorry if wrong place to put this topic but yeah title explains it really, wanting to put someone else in charge of guild because they don’t really play and wanting to keep the guild there sort of thing as I know the person which can put me back in guild if I not enjoying where I am an such but yeah basically wanting to leave someone else in charge of guild whilst I go to a different one if this is able to be done? Thanks in advance and sorry for any messy typing on phone and it’s not exactly reliable lol

I’ve never tried this myself, but my understanding is that you need to:

  1. Demote yourself from the guild roster.
  2. When you do this, you’ll be prompted to promote someone else to leader.
  3. Leave the guild.

If that doesn’t work, try promoting the person first. If that doesn’t work, try just leaving and see what happens. I know it can be done, one way or another.

How do I demote myself? There’s no option for it.

Like I said, I’ve never tried this. Have you tried promoting someone else to leader or just leaving the guild?

If its not working / or apparent how to do this, contact support. Give them all the relevant information. Your Guild, Your Level, your platform, your GamerTag, and your Invite Code, New leaders invite code, etc. I’m sure they can take care of it with an email or two. Always been very helpful for me in the past.

I think this is still the link

if you are the guild leader then you will have the option to demote people in your guild. not sure what it looks like on xbox, but on mobile these days you click the profile of the member and the option is there.

so you can click your own profile and demote yourself.

Only customer support can do that

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Just had this confirmed by someone who has actually left a guild that they were formerly leader of.

@Supremesis, sorry to steer you wrong in my first post. Just contact 505 Games support and they will take care of you.