Changing the Leader?


Hi all,

My guild leader wants to surrender his position to me because he is way too busy. How does he do this from the PS4?



He demotes himself to rank 2 then promotes someone else to rank 1.


Bizam! Solved! Thank you very much! I let my guild leader know about it. Should be sorted out by the weekend.


I hate to necro this thread but was wondering if this is the current procedure for a GM to step down on pc/mobile? Seems unintuitive to demote oneself then be able to promote someone else into the position…


Yes, it is still the procedure.


Thanks - just wanted to make sure so we didn’t wind up leaderless by accident.


What worries me is the “Disband” button. I am always very careful not to click on it when I invite someone. I don’t understand why it has been put there.


Sadly, my guild leader is basically AWOL. Not invisible because I still tried to get him to make the changes. Our guild is becoming a graveyard because the owner won’t even log in. He offered it to me, knowing he would be busy and I get that so I agreed. To say moral is low would be an understatement, lol.


So now you need to put yourself to work and rebuild. :stuck_out_tongue:
A change of leader is often a difficult situation for a guild. I am sure that if you need some advice and help, you will find some on this forum.
Good luck!


Diplomacy and compassion first.


If he doesn’t log in for 30 days you can get support to remove him. But he actually has to physically not log in for 30 days. That much I knew. Luckily our GM loved his guild enough to change the guard so it continued after his departure.


You sure can! Best of luck with your Guild DrPheonix, I hope it works out despite the issues.


Hi All,

This has been a while but I’m afraid I have to move to support. I have the blessing of my guild leader, but he’s just too busy to make the changes himself. Does anybody know who to contact for PS4 support in this?



Probably get an answer here soon, but it would only take him a minute to change you


Just started a support ticket - my Guild leader is crazy busy and works ungodly hours. He doesn’t even have the game installed, lol.


Done and done! Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread.