Booted from guild?

I belonged to a guild for quite some time, probably a year. Today I logged in to find I am no longer in a guild. No mail notification or anything. It wasn’t even a great guild (some weeks we get to level 2 on the guild chest scale thing). Anyone have an idea how that could have happened? Did someone kick me out? (I’m on Xbox 1.) Just thought it was weird. Thanks!

Sometimes it is a glitch when the game loads. Try rebooting, other than that your GM must have cleaned house. It has happened before.

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Thanks for the reply. I didn’t get to try what you suggested because I had joined a different guild in the meantime.

If you were able to join a different guild, then that would implies that you were in fact booted from your previous guild. :sweat_smile: Either that or the GM had disbanded the guild and everyone got booted.