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Old Time Rock n Roll

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/old-time-rock-n-roll/
The sound of silence…

New Troop: Satyr Musician

The greatest musicians amongst the Satyrs of Pan’s Vale don’t need to ask you to be silent, they can COMMAND it with the very notes they play on their pipes! So remember to turn off your mobile phone, and don’t rustle any chip packets!

New Troop: War Goat

Goats are just plain mean. The only thing meaner than a goat, is a goat in armor, and the only thing meaner than that is a goat in armor with a large pointy horn on its forehead. The Satyrs haven’t figured out how to do that last part yet, but when they finally do invent the Goat-icorn, prepare for some truly epic carnage in the lands around Pan’s Vale.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Yay a non crappy silencer :smiley:

Fixed that for you

Impervious goat

For war goat it reads “hom on its forhead” just what is a HOM lol

@Sirrian @Nimhain just fyi, your automated system that posts to Facebook and Twitter is an hour off. Both posted links to http://gemsofwar.com/old-time-rock-n-roll/ about an hour ago which resulted in a 404 page, up until this was posted at the same time the link became active.

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@Sirrian, brown to cast the spell green to charge? Think you got some QA to do on the common’s picture.

Cheers! Australia recently switched to Daylight Savings time which is probably why that happened. We’ll make sure to fix this for the future.


I don’t see any reference to brown on the common

Could you please check if the autumnal imp is in chests because I never saw him and also haven’t heard anyone got one since 2.1. I spent tons of keys and gems last friday trying to get the new mythic queen and still no imps. So need conformation, please help!

Amazing art on both cards.
With a goat now it’s time for a “Barnyard Team” just for lolz @Tacet. Are you up to the challenge? :wink:

I got 1 the week it switched over, but after 1000 glory keys and about 900 gem keys on Friday I didn’t get another.

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Yep, completely my bad. Looked to fast and the magic symbol looked like brown mana

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Same thing here about Autumn Imps… And I’ve basically spent more resources than I’ll ever see again.

Oh I love the Satyr musician even more after hearing his spell cast sound! :joy:

What did it remind you of? :sweat_smile:

Can anyone say for certain what the cost of the satyr musician bundle will be and how much glory it will cost? I need a bunch a brown/yellow arcanes to trait Gorgotha and Famine and have 10,000 glory saved up. Im just hoping I want have to spend it all.

Ultra-Rare packs cost 300 Glory and have 1 Arcane Traitstone in them.

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Ouch! Not what I was hoping for.