The Spirit of Rock

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Show some spirit!

New Troop: Rock Spirit

It’s not only the night that’s dark and full of terrors… all manner of creatures roam the Drifting Sands, most of them unspeakably violent, pantaloon-wettingly terrifyingly, and jackalope-punchingly difficult to kill. The Rock Spirits are no exception, leaping up from the sands to surprise unwary travellers, it is said that they will rip any trespassers limb from limb, then pause in silent prayer to whatever Gods they worship, their index and smallest fingers raised towards the heavens.

We passed an amazing milestone in Gems of War last week, with the release of our 300th troop.

If you recall, towards the middle of 2016 we started creating 2 troops per week, with an occasional Legendary to spice things up a little. Our goal was to hit 300 as soon as possible, giving us a nice large base of content that would look attractive to our newer players - and help make our collection mechanics function correctly… much better than the 96 troops we released with in 2014!

Happily, we reached that number of troops, but we don’t want to stop there! We’ve got some plans of cool new things to do with troop releases (more on that soon), but for now we’re going to ease back to mostly 1 troop per week for a little while. Stay tuned though… .we’ve got some exciting things coming in the 3.0 Guild Wars update!

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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We will… we will…


Hi @Sirrian

Any weapon packs available for glory instead this week?

Looking forward to seeing what’s coming up!

Also any word on what the boost ratio is on Earthquake?

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Destroy a row and column. Deal [Magic + 4] damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by Brown Gems destroyed. [3x]


Speaking of spirit… iirc Arcane Spirit was the prize for PvP ranked rewards for 3 weeks in a row (including this week). Then it suddenly changed to Arcane Death in the middle of this week. Why?
Not to mention we had spirit in glory bundle for 2 weeks in a row. So, no, don’t show us anymore spirit in PvP ranked rewards please.


One troop per week?
Glory is gnna stock pile like crazy.



Would be nice if he dealed 97,7 damages :slight_smile:

Are we going to skip a 2.2.5 patch and go directly to 3.0?

@Sirrian Looking forward to a cool new troop and of course that 3.0 update!

Would it be possible to let us know the event details (boosted troops, bonuses, collection events) as well in these posts? Allows for a little more advance planning and thought which is always appreciated!


I second that - Would love to know so we can make up teams :slight_smile: especially the defense teams to help others out on the hunting events.

As usual, will have a link to all events and news as soon as they become available.


I’d guess Drifting Sands would get +25%, and maybe Elementals (again) as that is the type for the new troop.

The snotstones each week are centered around a base epic of the kingdom, so I’d guess Marid or Dragon Cruncher. If Marid maybe gain a stone when getting a map (eww!), or using a map (eww!) Or perhaps you’ll get a bonus map when doing something. The Dragon Cruncher would be pretty obvious to give a stone on killing Dragons, but we had that already I think.

shrug Guess we’ll see soon.

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In that case, I’m a little disappointed that the 300th troop wasn’t something witty or meaningful, like a Spartan Warrior or something…


They keep it for 500 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For those keeping score at home, note that this also represents a decrease in Arcane Traitstone variety for the foreseeable future. Your allocation choices will become that much more meaningful.


Hi @Sirrian - my profile already shows 302 unique troops. What is the reason for this mismatch?

One troop a week… oh well… assume that means @sirrian and the devs have more time for fixing broken things?