CONSOLE: Old Time Rock n Roll

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The sound of silence…

New Troop: Satyr Musician

The greatest musicians amongst the Satyrs of Pan’s Vale don’t need to ask you to be silent, they can COMMAND it with the very notes they play on their pipes! So remember to turn off your mobile phone, and don’t rustle any chip packets!

New Troop: War Goat

Goats are just plain mean. The only thing meaner than a goat, is a goat in armor, and the only thing meaner than that is a goat in armor with a large pointy horn on its forehead. The Satyrs haven’t figured out how to do that last part yet, but when they finally do invent the Goat-icorn, prepare for some truly epic carnage in the lands around Pan’s Vale.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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No bonus troops this week?

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After over 4 hours exploring zaejin for 0 arcane traitstones I am hoping it’s arcane stealth tomorrow!

It’s mountain

Mountains and stealth, but no 2 for 1’s. Working on Archer?

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I wanna silence KORVASH, BUT HE IS TOO OP.

Yes mate, I’m running 3 maxed soothsayers with war and peace and its still great but really need 9 stones to get second trait.

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Good, I can buy a few packs of Satyr Musicians just so I can get the appropriate amount of arcane traitstones for Gorgotha.

Surely Gard’s Avatar is making an appearance this week?

I hate to say it, but I’ve lost a little bit of interest in making up ground towards the PC version since I expected more bonus troops to trickle out.

As for Blackhawk? The reply I got was, “the next few weeks”


I’m so disappointed with the lack of progress. I thought Dragon’s Claw and Blackhawk were both coming before Christmas. I struggle to understand how adding in the same stuff that already exists on another platform can take so long.

I thought we’d have Gard’s Avatar last reset and Blackhawk would be coming this reset.

Goats are not mean! They just like to crack skulls. It’s affectionate…

Gard’s Avatar should be coming this friday.


I honestly welcome any new troop we’ve been getting. No complaints here. So many combinations to play with… :smiley:

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Not sure about war goat, he is same then devil dust but worse and devil dust is already weak he should definitly hit stonger then 5

They don’t know when the next console update will be out, so they have to ration new troops. If they released them all at once then there would be no new content for 1-2 months straight. Which would get more complaints?


We should get merchant blade weapon soon for I think 250 glory, and it came with 2 mountains and you could buy unlimited.


Mountain?? Now are you sure it wasn’t Spirit stones :wink:



No I’m not sure :frowning: