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Video: Old Time Rock n Roll Event + Pan's Vale Kingdom Showcase

Hello everyone! Today I go over the two new troops of Satyr Musician and War Goat. I also briefly do an overview of all the Pan’s Vale troops.



Tried to use the redeem code on the Xbox, no go, and then listened to the remainder of your video.

I’m VERY concerned that they are delaying redeem codes on Xbox for Sony’s “gamers first” policy. Sony is blocking cross platform play. Sony is blocking EA Access (a great value in gaming) coming to PC soon. Sony is blocking Mods on all games. Etc. Etc.

@Sirrian if true please move forward with Xbox and eventually if Sony allows redeem codes on PSN, add them at that point.

When did you try to use it? The codes are limited to the first 200 players that redeem it. So, codes from his videos can get used up in the first 30 minutes to an hour after the video is posted.

Earlier, redeem codes are currently disabled on Xbox one due to Sony’s policy?

So, I assume that you came across a bug, or the code had expired.

It should read: “Redeem Codes on both console disabled until Sony gets some monetary cut of free items”

I mentioned it briefly in the video, and Ashasekayi quoted it too, but XBox actually doesn’t have redeem codes yet despite there being a taunting area for you guys to use them now. XBox won’t be able to use codes until PS4 also gets codes.

ALSO, the codes I currently hand out even when consoles start to get codes DO NOT work on consoles. I will have 1-2 codes a week that are exclusive to console versions only. The console codes don’t work on PC/Mobile, and the PC/Mobile codes do not work on consoles.


Thanks for the update. Lets hope Infinity Plus 2 has more muscle than EA, Bethesda, or Microsoft when it comes to successfully getting free stuff on PSN.

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to jump in and explain what’s going on with Codes on console.

At the moment we have decided at the moment not release codes on consoles, until we can get redeem codes working on PS4. We felt that is would be unfair to PS4 players to miss out due to something beyond our control.

We’re currently working to try and get redeem codes approved for the next console update.

However codes we give out are created on the server they are used, so codes we hand out in PC/ Mobile chat will only work on PC/Mobile. As XB1 and PS4 are on separate servers, they will each be getting their own codes and won’t have share codes with PC/ Mobile players.