Old but.... any new teams for the werewolf?

I was just going through the cards in my collection and I came across the first Epic card I ever got from a chest, the werewolf. I remember when I first got him I used him quite frequently as he was the best card I had when I first started out. I remember getting a couple of teams from for him from this forum and he got me as far as he could before I started getting better and better cards to form better and better teams.

For all you veterans out there: I was just wondering with all these new cards that have come out since werewolf’s release, have you guys found any new teams with him that are pretty viable? I was thinking maybe he’d be good with Mountain Crusher and/ or Apothecary. Thanks for any help.

Check this one out! Not “meta” but not bad :+1: Stupid Teams (that still win) - #32 by jdk

Thank you! I’m also checking out the thread you linked. Fun things to try out over there.

I use Werewolf on my Monster team, built around the Dervish Class, which gives +2 to all stats for all monsters on every 4/5 match.

Chief Dargon
Jar of Eyes/Dervish

Relevant talents are Hunt, Storm Aura, and Lightning Strike. Every troop does a combination of damage & mana gain - and with the massive stat buffs it’s quite decent. Jar of Eyes summons monsters, as well.

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