Werewolf / villager teams help?

Basically what the title says.

Does anyone have an effective team where Werewolf / villager troop is used? Something with synergy that can be used even for PvP and doesn’t last forever to win.

Thank you so much in advance.

I’ll be watching to see if anyone got them to work.

I just had too much trouble with them both being based on brown mana. So I’d try to force another converter in to generate brown, and then the team would never have a great way to kill.

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I think they are more useful as mana converters …
Plus you can think of each transformation as an indirect full Heal.

Giant Spider
Forest Guardian
Pharos - Ra

Try that one.

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@Drathas , thank you for the tip. I don’t have Pharos-Ra, yet, but will definitely give it a go if I happen to get him.

@Esoxnepa , I found Terraxis to have an appealing synergy with him. The problem is that it requires you to charge two different troops for a loop that is finite (you run out of specific colors or your troops don’t have mana).
Villager loops into charged Wolf, that spawns blue for Terraxis loop back into villager.
The problem is the rest of the team. Looping past that lacks damage and is inferior to standard looping teams, and damage troops destroy the board.

Anyway, thank you all for your opinions and insight, it is highly appreciated!


@peterix Sorry it took me so long to reply, I had to find my old build to remember my team!

Team Wolf-
Hero (FAST*) w/ Prismatic Orb

Dwarven Banner: +2 brown

Bonuses: Maester of Earth (+25 Earth Mastery), Lord of Blood (+1 life & armor), and Monster Captain (+2 life & armor)

  • Mechanist or Archer provides this trait

This team is a bit niche, but once you get rolling its VERY fun. If there is a 4+ brown take it, obviously, but focus on getting any match 4s to fill Hero quickly. Cast his spell on RockWorm ONLY. Two reasons, 1 it guarantees Brown Gems AND it pumps up Rock Worms Armor in case you lose Werewolf AND the bonuses disappear when you transform Villager/Werewolf so they are wasted. Ok, that was 3 reasons. Then you focus on looping RockWorm to assassinate from the bottom to the top. Your first troop (Werewolf) you save the cast only when he needs life or a cleanse (ie Deathmark). Once you fill your third troop Villager, you save him until you need to fill Rockworm and are guaranteed a +4 match, once he is a Werewolf cast him as soon as he fills because it is dmg and transforms him back to the Villager which gives you that reserved Board Control again.

So, as I said, it is a bit niche, not the fastest team out there, but with +25 to your brown Mastery you are practically guaranteed a Mana Surge on Every Brown match and the spill over fills troops faster than you would think. It is satisfying to see that first troop getting weak and just go, TAG and bring in a fresh troop. :wink:

Hope you enjoy it!


@efh313 I’ve tried that team. Well, it was almost identical but I used different troop in place of hero.
It was a great fun, but took forever to win compared to other teams.

I have a problem that I really love the concept and cannot seem to utilize the troop into viability. But please, do keep me informed. I’ll try a few more teams and regardless of whether I find a suitable one or not, I’ll come and share the results for all those who are fans of the troop, just like me. Cheers!

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As I promised, I went through several teams and the one that I ended up liking the most is:

Dragon banner (2red,1yellow, -brown)
Dark Troll

Focus is highly on getting red gems. From two matches, you have a guaranteed troll and usually almost full Terraxis. From there, you double purple to get Werewolf charged, leaving enough on board for the ability cascade. That charges Krystenas, and with so many single-colored gems on the board, it not only hurts, but usually fills a cascade. Terraxis is for follow-up into villager (there’s a huge amount of yellows and browns, so Terraxis into villager serves as a cleanup and usually fills troll again, the -1 brown penalty from banner is neglectable from cascades).

The team has high AoE, long cascades and almost immortal tank.
Suffers if you get a board without red or purple gems.

I’m having my best times in the game with this team. Hope that helps you guys, as well. Cheers!


Order of troops can be changed into:


In case you prefer skull mitigation to cleanse. You can loop even if Krystenax dies, but damage falls noticeably.

With Terraxis buff, the team works a bit better. Nothing revolutionary, tho.

But I’ve had positive feedback on changing Dark Troll for Soul Dragon. For the team as follows:

Banner: <+2Purple, +1Red, -1Yellow>
Werewolf / Villager
Dragon Soul

I hope that helps. Cheers, everyone.

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If anyone is still interested in the progress of teams, I’ve found one, arguably the best of all I’ve tried till now.

  • Dragon Banner: +2Red,+1Yellow,-1Brown

Anointed One (Villager)
Villager (Annointed One)

It has an incredibly powerful and almost endless loop and has extremely high skull-potential (from random matches, actually). The other advantage is that it is not shut-down by Entangle (Full-cleanse from Werewolf) and switching the 1st two places makes almost no difference. If you are afraid of 1-shots, you put Anointed one 1st. If you need cleanse, Villager goes.

So, for any Werewolf fans out there, this is definitely a team you want to try. If you are not in need of souls, this one is extremely fun and rewarding at the same time.
Lots of luck, everybody!