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Need little help with team creation , still a little new to game and learning

SO been playing for about a month and starting to get some better cards. im clearing the zones as i go and got the leveling of kingdoms down. just getting hit miss in pvp and think its because im still learning what abilities work well togeather. i know i dont have the best cards but i got some i think might be decent and i been saving my traitstones and souls till i get something worth investing in.

this is my current card collection


any tips or suggestions of what i should use would be great

I see that you have both Alchemist and Hellcat. Alchemist makes yellow for Hellcat, and Hellcat makes red for Alchemist. This is a crazy powerful combination: if your opponent’s troops never get to take a turn, it doesn’t matter how powerful they are!

I would suggest something like

Adana or Shentang banner

Golem has Stoneskin, so you can safely leave skull matches on the board to set up your other troops. He also softens up your enemies with his spell. Kraken deals damage every time you make a 4+ match—which happens a lot when you have Alchemist/Hellcat as your engine.

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thanks i tried your team setup then tweeked it a little seems to be working for me so far im using
dwarven gate
alchemist(to feed Sag)