Help Build a Better Team

Hey all,

Been kind of trying trial and error up until this point but figured I’d ask for some help.

I just hit level 400 and have been running pretty much the same team for the past 250 levels.

Infernal King
Yao Guai
Goblin Hero, Assassin class level 100 with hunters mark on 4 gem matches (works well with IK’s skulls) with Prismatic Orb

Recently I also found Queen Titania so my team changed to

Yao Guai
Queen Titania
Same hero with same weapon.

All troops are mythic and fully traited.

Both teams do really well in offense PvP and fairly well in defense, but I feel there could be a better setup to generate more mana automatically on defense.

Any advice on how to improve the setup?

Alchemist, moneylender yao guay queen titania is an excellent deck in offence. Great board control and fast although obviously you miss out on boosting hero. I wouldn’t worry too much about PvP defence wins; only guild wars defs matter with any significance.

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What’s the strategy with this team? I know some of it is RNG, but I’ve tried some battles where I just dominated and some where the Alch and Moneylender were dead before I filled any of them up.

Would this team work well in Guild Defense?

AI isn’t great at making smart plays with a loop team that relies on quad matches to maintain board control so defensively its no way as strong as it could be. You need the troops traited for Max efficiency too. Fill alchemist then look for a quad to fill moneylender. Cast moneylender when you have 10 reds or more on the board and you have the gold from an alchemy cast. Keep looping until you have enough red on the board for titania to have an extra turn or a quad for yao. You can make short work of pet rescues and PvP with this team. If you have any mythics I might have other options. Its hard making suggestions without knowing your troops. Banner should be DBL yellow or red plus single yellow or red.

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Use any weapon that is not Prismatic Orb.

Umm. Tai-Pan instead of Gorgotha, or instead of hero even.

Sunspear class for any Yao/red-centric team. The firestorm is very strong.

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Thank you @Thevc, that’s really helpful. I tried what you suggested and it’s faring a lot better than the first couple of times. I play the game for free, so I don’t really have much in terms of limited time mythics. Here’s what I got.

Your welcome. Anu is a great defensive troop. Are you aiming to build defences for guild wars (I assume you are in a guild; if not you should join one). Your progress will accelerate if you are in a guild. Also, try and do daily dungeons so you can forge troops. Also, if you are in a guild, spending gems to buy weapons in events (raid, invasion, doom) is highly recommended. You will also benefit from buying dragon armour and having a good home kingdom. I recommend Shentang, but many players prefer whitehelm. I will try and build you an Anu team based on fairly common troops.

I was looking to build a really solid offense team in PvP (the one you recommended has been working out amazingly well so far) since third tier battles became a lot harder as of latest patch.

I am also looking to build a solid all-purpose defense team for Guild Wars. I’m in a #274 guild, so my mana boost is quite great - it really helps. I have been buying event weapons for the past several months of events, but haven’t found real good use for them. I have encountered a lot of PvP teams using doom weapons to great effect though.

Yes, I have been using Dragon Armor for the past 300 levels or so. Got it as soon as I had enough resources.

My home kingdom at the moment is Khaziel for the gold bonus. It helped while I was leveling all my kingdoms to 10, but I had just finished that so I’ll check out the other two you recommended.

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Sounds very much like you are on the right track. Some doom weapons (the attack ones) are excellent, and I use doomed blade in a wars defence and also in a PvP team. Shentang and Whitehelm are good because of the glory bonus (you can never have enough glory) which gives a better chance of bagging the monthly mythic because you can buy glory chest keys if you run out of keys from tasks etc. Plus, glory means you can Max out the weekly glory shop troop and accumulate arcane traitstones to trait other troops of the same mana type. But its all about what your priorities are when it comes to choosing a home kingdom. I also recommend forging pharos ra asap because the increased souls you accumulate allow you to boost troops and grind for dawnbringer weapon if you want it. To be fair, dB isn’t as high priority now because sentinel class is excellent in providing barrier protection. Some classes should take priority but I am pretty sure you’ve already got that sussed out.