My Undead Team (All Single Mana)


I want to make Undead team and I create below team. All unit single mana.

Please comment and advice.


3 kingdom bonus.
4 type bonus.

There is little synergy here and no mana creator. Also, kingdom/race bonuses are so small that there is no reason to chase after them.

If you want an early undead team try maybe Flesh Golem, Banshee, Wight and Ghoul?

But really, making a theme deck is not the way, usually.

Can you post a screenshot of your best troops and info, how much souls do you have?

That may be true at endgame, but for new players it can make all the difference. Not having kingdom level bonuses or the souls to fully level multiple teams means every extra stat point is quite valuable.

here is his unit list:

we already found a team for him, something like:

serpent / wraith

but i suppose he just wants a theme deck, for fun?
i have no idea, theme decks arent my thing so… goodluck

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Yes Anna we found and create super team but I want to create Undead deck for fun.

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maybe try

flesh golem

lion banner

but i think if you wanna play with team bonuses you should try making zaejin/goblin, they get lots of attack bonus

or something chimera based xD

but wont it be more fun if you try to make one yourself? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you found a new bestie Anna :smile: