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Now that the Deathknight bundle is available in the store, the savage bundle is embarrasingly overpriced

Let’s compare the two:

Savage Bundle ($49.99):

Savage Armor (50/75/25)
30,000 Gold
1,800 souls
25 Gem Keys
50 Gold Keys

Deathknight Pack ($49.99):

Deathknight Armor (100/100/100)
200 Gems
40 Gold Keys
30 Glory Keys
20 Gem Keys
10 Event Keys

How are these two packs even remotely comparable?

Even if we completely excluded the armor, the Deathknight pack would be a far better deal. 30,000 gold is maybe a dozen PvP matches. 1,800 souls is nice, but that’s maybe 25 matches with Valkyrie depending on soul bonuses. The gems and keys you get in the Deathknight pack are far more valuable than the souls and gold from the savage bundle. I cannot imagine anyone who has any clue how to play the game would purchase the savage bundle at this point. The only way to make that viable again would be to drastically reduce the price.


Yeah that’s pretty bad, deathknight hands down. We don’t have savage on mobile.

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It was the high tier Xbox exclusive armor. On PS4 it was Shadow armor. Same stats, different look.

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They are different prices in Europe. Savage is €50 and Deathkinght is €65.

Id consider deathknight if it was €50

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I’m loving the death knight Armor. Looks sexy as hell. Don’t stress the price bro, you put a lot of effort into posting this info. It’s something that I’m sure will be fixed. Until then I implore people to get the death knight Armor. Nom nom nom

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Savage Bundle is $49.99 and the Deathknight Pack is $69.99. That is on Xbox in Canada.

They are both $49.99 in the USA.

That isn’t fair at all, but that’s life for ya

@nex said price was wrong let’s hope it was the canadian bundle who was wrong, i can’t imagine it more expensive

Im confused now. Wasnt it the CanadianCanadian price that was working out cheaper than the American? Looks like they have upped it.

Disappointing they have chosen that route in Canada and Europe

1$ can = 0,76 us

I remember now. The PS4 has it for 50 Canadian Spondoolies.

Not only is that particular bundle invalid, but the current VIP points are not accurate for the other packs with XB1. Last week’s 15-day 150 souls pack for $6.99 was worth 25 VIPs. Its been replaced this week with the 15-day 8000 gold pack for $19.99 with the correct amount of 100 VIPs. But a few other bundle packs have incorrect VIPs for their price this week still. I hope they get on top of this because I’m dissuaded from making any future purchases at this rate.

Have any of you seen a discrepancy with VIPs at the shop as well?

I think it was Nex that said currently $1 US= 1.3 CAN.

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Yeah it’s the same :slight_smile:

1$ CAN = 0,76 US
1$ US = 1,30 CAN


So I still don’t understand why it would be $50 on PS4 in Canada. So if the console specific armor is $50 here (savage on Xbox CA) and the Deathknight is $70, then what are they in the US? I haven’t been paying attention to the VIP point amounts to see if they’re changing but I take your word for it @Smuggler007

As I said above, both packs are $49.99 USD. After taking exchange rates into account, this would make the savage bundle effectively cheaper in Canada and the Deathknight pack slightly more expensive than the USA.

We’ll I don’t think they’re going to change it so we just have to live with it

This one is funny, wonder who going to pay for a ressource you can get very easy

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