Lapina Avatar Bundle 50% off?

What about Lapina Avatar Bundle 50% off for next week?
Or Deathnight Armor?

That would be great but knowing the devs since those are their top two best sellers they prob wouldn’t put a sale on them

There is no reason for the deathknight armor to go on sale. The cost for this armor is well worth the 49.99 asking price, it has paid for itself multiple times over


then the bunny ears at least lol

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If death knight ever went 50% off, I’d bite. As it is I’m over 1300 so Dragon armor is fine… I don’t need more souls and EXP is basically bragging rights.

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Instead of 50% off, they’d just bundle it with an extra 250 Souls, 5000 Gold, and 50 Gems and call it a “sale”.

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that’s what I’m saying

Did you read minds? Well at least the lapina pack and elite guild pack are 75 off on xbox

Lol nice,why not on pc to :frowning: