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Deathknight armor ever coming to consoles?

Any plans to bring the death knight armor pack to the PS4/Xbox One?

I am sure MANY long time players would purchase this as soon as it was available.

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As a PC player, I can say that the Deathknight pack has the best cash:reward ratio of any purchase ever introduced to either version of the game. It is the most perfect one time purchase for long term players. PS4/Xbox definitely need it.


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please take my money!


Don’t worry, bringing Deathknight armor to consoles is in our plans.

Barring any major catastrophes, it should be included in the next major update. That’s still too far off for us to have nailed down an official release date, but you should see that update within the next two months. As always, we’ll give you all plenty of heads up on when it’s coming and a full rundown of what the update will include.


awesome startin june ill make sure to keep 50 in my ps wallet.

This is great to hear, day 1 purchase when it comes out for me as long as it’s at the $50.00 rate

Deathknight armor? I’m assuming that’s like a 200% bonus to souls and gold or something like that?

100% to all

So $50 for an armor that’s only slightly better than the ones obtainable with gems? Seems a little steep. Is it part of a bundle or something?

Yep comes with gems & keys. Pretty sure the armor costs like $10 once the bonuses are taken into account

yea u get resources with it too. I think someone said it was about 40 bucks worth of stuff with it.

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Oh Ok, now it sounds like a sweet deal

I think it’s actually closer to $50 worth of stuff and you basically get the armor for free.

Console also has a couple of exclusive bundles that are pretty sweet deals. Some key packs in particular. And their free ones, of course.

Before you get jealous, only consoles get tasks. I’ve gotten over 75k in souls from tasks, and tons of keys and glory.

I will buy The armor if it comes to consoles. Love this Game <3
Been playing since consoles Release, currently lvl400 and put hundred of hours into This Game. And still only vip lvl2 bc i only put 10€ into gow. At the Moment there is no Need for putting real cash into This Game, but the deathknight armor will be a good reason to spend some money and support The devs